Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Josh is ours forever!!

WHat a wonderful day! I will post more later I promise, but here are a few pics that Lizzy - Midge and Bill's daughter, took at the place where we got josh! It was a crazy experience. I was just standing in a dark, kind of yuck, hallway - wondering what would happen next, when lady just walked up to me - handed me josh ( the hall) and walked away? OMG...he cried like a crazy man for about 15 min! And then....Lizzy came over to take his picture...and the flash scared him. I looked at me....threw his arms around my neck....and hugged me for dear life! And from that point on...we are the best of buds! He is silly, and demanding, but easy going all at the same time. He looks so healthy and so full of energy! His hair needs cut and he stinks a bit so I am hoping I can give him a bath soon! ha ha ha.

I wanted to get these photos up to you right away! I will post more pics of us back at the room and with Josh looking a little more settled tonight after he goes to bed! For now...we got him at 4:00pm, didn't get back to the hotel till 5:30 - and then did paperwork till almost 7pm. We have had no food and he is still in his orphanage yuck clothes...I need to get moving and help my little man smell good and eat something!! :)

I am so happy - he is perfect! Truly....just a dear dear boy! He kissed me tonight. I kissed him on the cheek and he took my face, turned it to his and landed me one right on the lips! he calls me Ma ma...and the nannies gave me back all of the photos I sent to him and told me he can name each family member! NO JOKE!! What a wonderful day! I promise I will write more details soon! I love you all so much!!!

Click to play day one with Josh!!
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ronvic7 said...

Wow, that is so cool!!! I am so dreaming of our day with our XinYang girl. I am happy for you to have such a good gotcha with your boy, he is cute, long hair and all:) I am amazed that you are there doing this alone, don't "know" ya, except we are both XinYang mommas but I am sooo impressed, you are doing great!
Biggest goal accomplished:) Enjoy your boy.
Chloe LuYun's momma

shunter1019 said...

Hi girl!
WOW, is all that I can say. He is everything you had hoped and more. And to know that his nannies took the time to read your book to him so that he would recognize you is amazing. He is so beautiful. The boys even said so(they said SO CUTE!!). I can't believe that you have him right now. That is just so crazy! You must feel like you are in a dream!!
Keny emailed me and said she tried to call you but the number is out of reach but I'm thinking either I wrote your number down wrong OR you just aren't close enough to her for it to work. She wants to know the hotel so she can find you. Should I post her email on here to you with her phone numbers and your number that she tried dialing!?! OMG, he is just beautiful and I can't wait to hear more! Love you, Shelli

Erica said...

Oh I know those tears were not one sided...because I sure can't stop them! He looks so happy and strong...just like his momma! I am soo soo happy he embraced you so much. Those are prayers answered for sure. Now enjoy these moments...soak them up...and for goodness sake give that baby a bath! We can't wait to see him. I LOVE YOU BOTH! I LOVE YOU ALL...Ben, Kyle, and Will, we are so sure you are going to be the best big brothers in the world! Congratulations you can teach Josh all about being a Mongold! HUGS TO ALL! You will be home in no time, Renee and Josh. WELCOME TO YOUR FAMILY, JOSH!

Shannon King said...

Renee, You have your little man! He is so handsome, so cute, so precious. You are a rock star mom! I love reading your posts--so filled with all the emotions of this life-changing time. Keep 'em coming (if you can!)
We are praying for your endurance, health, and bonding with Josh--looks like those prayers are being answered!
Hugs from Atlanta!

Erica said...

Oh and I am so happy you got to see THE MARSHMALLOW MAN clothing in person! IT WAS A PERFECT DAY!!!!

reillymb said...

Yah congratulations ma'ma! What a perfect beautiful little boy!
just shows that Josh was anticipating you the mongold family just as much!
Enjoy ever minute getting to know him what a dream come true!

Love ya

Laurie said...

Renee - He is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!

dandsratz said...

Oh Renee!!!! I have tears POURING down my face!!! Josh is the DEAREST baby boy I've ever seen!!! He is absolutely perfect, and to see him in your brings chills!! Congratulations new Mommy and to precious little Josh--we all can't WAIT to meet you, and to see pictures of you meeting your perfect little brothers, too!! And Steve--CONGRATULATIONS Daddy!!! How absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Isn't this the BEST Christmas EVER!!! Renee, we've been out of town the last week--I couldn't WAIT to get home last night and catch up...I have cried reading all of your stories this morning, what a heavenly experience you've had getting Josh!! I LOVE how you have journaled it all!!!! You & Josh will cherish these readings for the rest of his life!! Although we were out of town, and I couldn't read your blogs on a daily basis, Dave & I prayed for you & Steve, & the boys every day, knowing that this was the "big weekend!!" We love ya'll, and our hearts are completely with you!! You are one awesome family--with such an amazing love!! Josh is so blessed to have ya'll, and ya'll are so blessed to have him now, too!! :) Hugs & Kisses to each of you!! And kiss that perfect baby boy from us!!! YEAH!!!

Dianne said...

Oh, my! I'm speechless, crying and amazed at it all. What can one say about such an amazing event?! I feel like I'm there with you. Thank you for including all of us in. It's so special. He's precious and I'm so glad your bonding happened so quickly. What a relief. It's really happened!! Wow! Can't wait to have you both (and Stephen) home. Life is good.

lyss23 said...

okay almost in tears! i love look perfect together!!! i love you and miss you and can't wait to see both of you!!! the boys miss you and love you too!!!