Sunday, December 7, 2008

My crazy kids I wanted to have a video of each kid to take with me to China. I decided that posting them on the blog was the best way to take them with me so that I can just log in anytime I want to see them and there they will be!! I'll post Ben and Kyle here and then the next blog down has Will in it. I have to admit, that Wills video is quite entertaining. Maybe even more so than the other two!!! Will was born to entertain!!! :) But Ben and Kyles' debut into rock star land is also a hoot! They think they are the funniest guys in the world right now! And after watching themselves at least 10 times...I am now allowed to go ahead and upload the footage to the page!!! ha h aha...Enjoy!



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Bill and Midge said...

Can't wait to hug you in 48 hours! Safe travels! See you in China!