Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not long now my friends!!!!!

We arrived at the White swan last evening and it feels so good to know this is our last hotel before we get home! The plane ride here was about 3 hours long and FULL. To the top full...of passengers. It was rough. For some....more rough than for others. Josh cried about half the time, and slept the other half of the time. Some babies cried, some were so scared that it broke our hearts to see that look of fear in their faces? hard to see.

We know in the end, that this fear means they are moving away from familiar and towards a better life. A wonderful life. And in the end...that is what matters. But let me tell ya - sure does not make this stage of the game easy. Not easy at all!

Just the same - we made it. And it seems that we can all still find a bit of humor in it all! I had dinner with friends at a western restaurant. The best Hamburger I have ever had! Josh had grilled cheese and pb&J and then proceeded to throw it all up when we got back to the hotel? Oops...should have gone a little slower with the western food!! Oh I felt terrible! So sorry littl man!!!

The weather is warmer and the people seem very nice and accepting of us. Lots of people want us to buy things, but really....I am willing to buy anything they have for sale just because they smile and are nice and warm and friendly! A lady in a store that does laundry gave me a stroller to rent - at no cost - for the whole time I am here.....and she gave Josh a free toy! Now of course she will get more than her share in return...because I love Sarah so much that I will go buy from her each day I am here! She loves Josh and keeps saying....too pretty to be boy! ha haha.

Many of the ladies here are shocked when I tell them that Josh is a boy? They take a double look and say - NO...are you sure??? Yep...I'm sure...I've seen the goods! ha ha ha....but the people here are so nice. That is a welcome change.

I of course am getting sick? Yeah...I think I am getting Josh's Kennel Cough? Aghhh!! ha ha ha....but long as time is passing by...I can live!! :)

I got so lucky in this town!! Shelli's good friend May....has a Sister....Kenny....who lives in Guangzhou!! no kidding! So we have been in touch and she and her driver (guess she is real good at her job! ha ha ah) are picking me up in 30 min and spending the day with Josh and I! She is taking us to a park, and to eat and shopping! I am excited to meet her! She talked to Josh on the phone and I could tell that she was very excited to meet him and hold him!! :) I'll report on my day later! It is exciting to be doing something different today! I really needed this!!! here are some pics of our first day here. Sure I will have more tomorrow, but for now....a few pics and the last one is a small video of Josh in the White swam playroom. I don't think he has ever been in a place like that before, so he was timid...but I know that he will be a terror in there - like he is in the room - in no time at all!! :)

Love you guys! Ben, Kyle and Will....mommy is almost home guys! My heart hurts because I love and miss you so much!! Think of me and I will think of you - every day!! Not long now till we are all together again!!

Thank you Bob and Dianne for making this happen for me this week! i can't wait for you to meet josh and to give you both a big hug!! close now!!! I'd spend 30 hours on a plane if I could just get there a day sooner!! :)

Love to all!!

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shunter1019 said...

OK- so I stayed up all night until I heard from you. Uh...ok, so I just got home from a party and can barely read this type :) However, I LOVE you and can't believe I've known May forever and she hasn't mentioned the DRIVER!!! COME ON..that's an important fact...I want a driver. I can't wait to hear about your fun day. This kids are sleeping at Gregg's tonight so NO ONE is here...isn't that's 135am and I JUST got home...nuts but of course, couldn't go to bed without checking...and YIPPEEE>>>news from you guys. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Have a great day! Shelli

Erica said...

I cannot wait to hear about your wonderful pampered day in China...with a driver :) I am with Shelli, I want in on that! I hope it is just the medicine you need to get you through these last few days. You are so close now. I know it is probably getting so impossible to wait...but you are so close. You will truly have a welcome beyond welcomes when you come home...and that will be so wonderful! Cannot wait to hear about all your fun.