Saturday, December 13, 2008

One day closer to Joshua Song!!

Well...we finished up day two in Beijing and i have some photos that I will put at the end here! We saw the great wall, the birds nest and water cube from the Olympics, had a fancy lunch with some crazy food, shopped at a Jade factory (no cameras allowed!!! But I bought Steve a jade Bud ah!!) Then we headed to a Chinese Acrobat show and now I am back in my room about ready to drop!!

Note worthy things today:

Our tour guide Barbara - when asked a question by any person in our group - no matter male or female....responds "Yes sir"! is cracking us up! I'll say Barbara, do we need to head to the bus now? And she will say...with a huge smile - Yes Sir!!! :)

And talk about conserving we are on an 8 lane expressway today in Beijing. As we drove at mock 10 down the highway, I am looking out the bus window....and in the middle of the north and south bound lanes of traffic in a grassy area - about 10 feet wide and very long - are men herding sheep? NO KIDDING! Just making use of the long thin grassy area in the middle of the biggest city I have ever seen...herding sheep in the middle of the highway? NUTS!!!

Ok...I am just dead tired. I am really understanding why they are keeping us in Beijing for two whole days. I am so tired that my eyes actually hurt. When I try to sleep at night, I wake up after just two hours of sleep and my body thinks it is the middle of the day and I am just taking a nap? Even though I am tired enough to sleep for a week. I know tomorrow will be better!!!

I leave on a plane at 9am in the morning (about 8pm your time) and fly to the city where I will get Josh on Monday!! No word yet as to if we can go to the SWI in Xinyang yet, but we were told to wait and ask our guide when we get off the plane tomorrow! Many of us getting our kids together on Monday. Every child from Henan Province will be brought to us in the capital city of this Provence. We are all very excited and very tired...and we just want time to speed up NOW so we can see our children! Some adopting babies, some toddlers, some girls, some boys, and some older children! Amazing diversity in people and situations! Makes for very interesting conversation and very nice people! There is not one family that I don't love! We are all kept so busy, but we are finding time to get to know each other and our individual stories! Very nice way to pass this time!!

I hope to be in touch tomorrow from our new hotel. I'll sign off now from Beijing! Love to all of you - I love reading your words and I am so blessed to have you all routing for me from the US!! That is helping me so much right now! I don't love being alone? I am ok, but missing my kids and STeve and my friends and family very much right now!! There's no place like home....there's no place like click!!! :)

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Catherine said...

Hey Girl,

You crack me up! It is fun to read your commentary about the people and places there and really takes me back. Isn't Barbara a doll? I hope she liked our gift. Emma sits on my lap and looks at the pictures too and I wonder what she's thinking. Today she saw your picture and said in English, "man!" I said, "No, lady." :) It is fun to watch as she learns English. You are doing great and will be with your cherub soon. Hang in there! Love, Cath

shunter1019 said...

I get up every day and run by my poor children, and head to the computer just knowing you must have posted something. They both are so excited to sit on my lap and look at the pictures. They think "chinese" is cool looking :) (FYI- you look Fab in a hat-not everyone can pull it off but you look great!)So, I can't believe how close you are to getting little man!!! OMG- it's totally almost time! Someone suggested on here that you have someone else tape the time you get Josh? Do you have anyone to do that....that would be a priceless memory. Miss you, love you and praying for you, Shelli

Erica said...

I am with Shelli! I cant wait to check your blog every morning, afternoon, and night. So close you are. So close Josh is to knowing what family is all about. This family is cheering you on in your final steps to meet that precious blessed little boy! we love you!

wyanne said...

I keep checking for updates too. It's the first thing I do when I get up in the morning. Thanks for posting all the pictures...Logan and I loved them. She's wanting to go next door and see the boys this afternoon. Keep us posted. So excited for you.


Dianne said...

Oh my gosh! I'm speechless! Can you really take it all in?? I certainly can't!! Thanks for keeping us up on what's going on. I never would have guessed we'd be able to hear from you on such a regular basis. It's absolutely amazing. We're tying up loose ends here at home and will leave for FL on Tuesday. We can't wait to see the boys again. I'll be talking to your Mom again Sunday or Monday. Take care and rest as much as you can. All our love, Dianne and Bob

proudmom said...

I am so excited for you to meet Josh. I think all this "prelude to the meeting" is great but it is KILLING me!!! I can only imagine how anxious you are feeling.

Shelli is right! You must have someone tape "the moment".

Thinking of your entire, now bigger family!!


donna-mikes said...

Renee' WHAT A BRAVE YOUNG LADY u are and what a great experience u are going through. Not too many people would do this alone.....remember u are never alone....God is right there with u. we're all praying for your strength and safe return home. I am so proud of u as i am sure the rest of your family is. i love to read what's happening with u everyday...and what handsome 4 little boys u have.Love u, Mom Skehan