Monday, December 22, 2008

The red couch event....

Each day a little closer to home. Each day a little closer to our children. Each day a little closer to each other. Each day is a constant reminder of how blessed we all are.

Today was red couch day. What does that mean? Well....the hotel that we are in - the White Swan - is directly attached to the US Embassy. So this hotel is the primary place of temporary residence for all adopting parents during their final week of the adoption trip. It takes about 4-5 days to process the Visa paperwork that allows our children to enter the US and so this is where we all hunker down while the process unfolds! Anyway - in the lobby of this grand hotel, is a red couch. And each travel group of adopting parents and kids that come through this hotel....take photos of the kids, together, on the red couch as a symbol of the unity that we now have with each other, the journeys end and of the blessings that we all share!! Today was that day!! :) The slide who has a few of the photos!!
tomorrow is the consulate apointment and then from there....we just wait to be sworn in the next day! And then home we come! Whoo hoo!!! love to you all!!

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shunter1019 said...

I can imagine how close you must feel to the people that have shared this journey with you! It will be hard to all part ways, but knowing what you have waiting for you anxiously at home, will make it that much easier. All of the children just look so sweet! You are lucky to have been a part of this great group of people!! Love, Shelli