Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday in Beijing

Things to note:

Last night I went to dinner with two nice ladies. as we were walking down the street, we had to actually DUCK in order to avoid the power lines that are just all over the place. I mean.....some places the power lines - and by the way I am talking about 100 different wires, all wrapped around each other and twisted up - are just 5 feet off the ground. You have to duck under them to get to the street to cross it? Safety is just sooooo not a concern around here. People walk in front of cars, under live wires, NUTS!!

Personal space. I am now learning that when you live in the most crowded city in the world...for a long become comfortable with the spacial relations that it creates in your world. I, on the other not from this city...and I am in a constant state of "look out!" You walk down the street and people just walk AT you. Straight at you. It is like a constant game of chicken! Now I think that the people that live here....somehow their bodies just naturally miss each other as they pass. Like a sixth sense that they have when 100 people are all walking different directions in the same 3 square feet of space. I, do not possess that sense? And I....and ami n the darn way!!! ha ha ha....NO KIDDING!!! They look at me like....not only is she tall and blonde...but stupid too? Poor little american!!! :) hee hee

It's 5am here and I can't sleep, so I am uploading photos to kodak for you to see. I don't have everyones e-mail addresses so I am going to put a link here to see if maybe you can view the photos by clicking on the link? Not sure if it will work, so if somone can send me a note on blogger to let me know if it worked that would be awesome! I hope it works!!

Well...I am off to get a shower and head to the van that will drive us 1.5 hours to the great wall. Not sure if I should take a motion sickness med or not? They make me so tired and tired is something I already am - so much? So we will see...I think I will take it with me and see how it goes! I am excited to see the Great Wall, but more excited for our time in Beijing to be over so I can get to Henan and meet Josh? One one long trip, and a plane ride away from the place where I will meet our baby for the first time. the anxiety is killing me...but time is on my will pass!!!

more soon!!

Wait....see if this works???

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Catherine said...


It is surreal and wonderful to see you in Beijing! You are one step closer to your precious little one and we eagerly await more pics!

Love, Cath

Erica said...

they both worked...good job girl! You are so close. And, wow, is that smog nasty! Josh won't know what to do with our cleaner air! Life is going to be so great for that little man! Hugs to you!

shunter1019 said...

Works awesome. Shane was screaming "look everyone, my godmother is in China!" You look great and I can't believe how awesome the pics are. I watched them on the video that played back so it worked great and you are capturing every moment as you hoped to!!! Love you!

Dianne said...

Love the pictures! Especially love the ones with you in them. You look well and happy! Bob's looking at them upstairs and I'm on the computer downstairs. Will keep checking in a couple of times a day. Don't want to miss a thing. Dianne and Bob (Forgot to tell you that we talked with your Mom the other day. She sounded good and we said we'd talk again before we leave for FL.)