Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Talk to you from the US!! I'm packin' up!!

This is my last post from here! I have to pack up the room and get ready for a 4am wakeup call! LAck of sleep may help us sleep on the plane - we will see! This is going to suck - like worse...than anything that sucks!! ha a h ah ha....but in the end....I will see my babies...and for that - BRING IT ON!! I can take ANYTHING!!! :)

All my love to the wonderful people who have shared this journey with me! Both here in China and Back at home. I have had more support than I ever thought possible and I love each one of you for allowing me to get through this....and through it feeling loved and supported! That is worth more than gold my friends.....more than gold!!

See you back in the states! Can't wait to post some photos of my 4 little men together! I promise not to take too long to do it!! And please please...to my wonderful travel companions.....we need to keep in touch. You are all such special people and fill a large spot in my heart! Let this be the beginning!! Not the end! The beginning of our lives with our new children and of our friendships!

Bye for now!

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sara said...


Do you love how I took that picture of your son & I in the hall? HA..dork-a-saurus!!!!!

Can I just say that the picture of Josh eating room service like a king was worth whatever yuan it cost!!!!!!

Gonna miss you!! Keep bloggin! Can't wait to see all 4 of your precious boys together!!! BKW&J, you are lucky to have your Mama!!!

shunter1019 said...

I can't believe you are actually leaving!! I am overwhelmed and of course, guess it...yes, crying! WOW- YOU DID IT! Not like anyone thought you couldn't, but you did it! You got the goods and are bringing him back! We are SO proud of you! I love you and miss you and can not wait for you to be hugging those boys of yours! Talk to you on US soil!!!
Love, Shelli

Catherine said...

I know you probably won't read this till you get home, but I LOVED Josh's picture in the cabinet! He looks like a doll on a toy store shelf, just in time for Christmas! He will really be a gift to your boys and visa versa! Talk to you on the other side of the world!!!! Merry Christmas! Love, Cath

Erica said...

How so many are praying you home, for an unexpectedly easy trip, for a cherub that remains a cherub for the entire flight, for rest, for patience, for peace, and for a homecoming even you cannot describe! We love you...and we cannot wait to have you back!