Sunday, December 21, 2008


The photo below is hard to read I know...but I had to take a photo anyway - for memory sake!! It reads ...Examination room for Adopted Children! This is the room that we all pass through - no matter if you are Special Needs Adoption, or traditional adoption....we all need to have our babies examined before we can process our visa paperwork for the US embassy! They documented that Josh did have Hypospadias and Chordee, and that they did not find any other things wrong with him that we were not aware of. They checked height and weight, heart, temp, and looked the body over for any visible abnormalities that were not already known. This all took about a fraction of a min? Think they were really thorough??!?! ha ha neither! I would call this day "Check in the box" day!! :) It has to be done......and we want you to take this baby to the we will check the box for you and say Have a nice day!!: )

Whatever!! I was one of the lucky ones. Josh thought the doc was quite funny and you can tell my boy has been to his share of "pee pee" docs! Because when the doctor started poking and prodding down there...he never even stopped playing with his toy? Didn't even care a bit! some kids were very upset by this crazy appointment. And truly....I was upset for them. At least 30 screaming one knew where to go next....everyone running into each other!! ha ha...."Cluster F&*!" is an understatement!!! :)

But another appointment down...and one step closer to the end!! Whoo hooo...or the beginning...however you want to look at we come!!! We have visa paperwork to do this evening and then I am not even sure what is tomorrow!! ha ha ha...but I'll read the paper before I go to bed and be prepared - I PROMISE!!!

I'm kind of like a flight risk for our guides now? They call me every morning and every afternoon and every evening. They even called 10 min before we had to be in the lobby today and "Kathy" looks up from her phone...presses the button...looks over at me (who by the way is early and IN the LOBBY) and says..."Oh...I was calling you - you are on time today?!?!" I mean seriously....ONE MISTAKE and I am all but wearing a letter I for Idiot! ha ha ha ha.....Oh my.....too funny! I swear....It won't happen again ladies!!! :)

After the doc appointment, we promptly went to Starbucks!! Whoo hoo....three other families were there - it was so nice and relaxing!! Our children seemed to just come alive in Starbucks....they smiled and laughed!! See....they are so smart aren't they!!! :) It was wonderful! Josh ate almost an ENTIRE sticky bun? He has not been eating well lately, and he LOVED IT! Here are some pics!!

And because video comes to highly recommended by my friends and are two short videos of the highlight of my day! (they are one right after the other in the same slide show) Now it is 10am in the morning....and you do I know already that this is the highlight of my day? well....believe me when I say....I am QUITE SURE!!! :) ha ha ha Oh how much fun every single min of my days at home will seem for a while!! ha ha ha So the highlight of my day....good friends.....good coffee....good food....and sweet kids!!

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shunter1019 said...

OH Thank you for the 2AM video!! I loved them. Why am I up two days in a row at 2am,you ask.... UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....last night I was out and sick all day today and clearly must have strep at this point. Only had it once years ago but I can't swallow without crying and have a fever, so again, thought I would distract myself with some Josh stuff...and once again, you pulled through! THANKS! He looks so happy especially with that sticky bun. I can't believe how close you are now. It must be surreal realizing in just a couple short days you'll be home with everyone all together finally! We are all SO pulling for you to make it quickly through this very last part. MISS YOU! Shelli

Erica said...

What a joy it must have been to have a little taste of home at Starbucks:) My question is does it cost 6 dollars for a cup of coffee there, too? haha Anyway, Josh looks happy and at home with that sticky bun...and hearing your voice makes me wish you home even faster! Love and hugs!