Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday is a FREE day?!?! HELP?!?!?

today was a day that many families went to see their children's Social welfare Institutes. Many were within a two hour drive, and so they were able to make a day trip out of it. For the rest of us - it was a FREE day. To do with what we like!! Translation in Renee - ees.....Dear God...what am I going to do with myself! ha ha ha ha

WE played in the lobby, in the hall, took a walk, bought some lolly pops, had some coffee and now we are back in our room. Little josh is upset because I want him to take a nap. I'll tell ya - I actually am happy to see a little fight come into him! He has been so easy to put to sleep and to feed etc. for the past two days. And today marks the first day of the rest of our lives!! ha ha ha

At breakfast he threw my full cup of coffee all over the table... so we left. At lunch, he was eating his Quiche so well and all of a sudden...from out of no where...he tossed his plate like a Frisbee and there is went! ha ha ha. Oh mY!! And now he is pitching a fit because I am making him nap! He is tired...I can see it in his eyes.....and in his behaviour....but today.....unlike the past few days....he is not going to take this lying down!! :)

Dear Boy!!! He'll settle in soon!! but I am here to report that he is a very normal 2 year old boy!! And you all know me....I certainly don't let crazy behaviour or crying affect me! ha ha ha...if I did that - I'd be one sad puppy most every day! ha ha ha!! :) I just love seeing that he is no different than any other 21 month old little man! He is going to fit in so well at home!!

He does feel a bit better today - some fever, but not as hot? Maybe it is on the down side! Whoo's to hoping!! If not, I have been offered some meds from a nice family that is traveling with me, and if I don't see improvement each day, then I'll give him whatever I can beg borrown or steal!!! :)

So here are a few pics from our day!

there are two pics of the 4! It is the Chinese version of 7-11. It is a convenience store that sells crazy stuff - some small food items just like 7-11, but also whisky, and other liquors and other things that just would not fly in the US! But a convenient store just the same! I am not sure what I bought josh to drink...but it is white...tastes nothing like Milk....but came in a very kid friendly it must be for kids right. And...he really likes it! That's what important?!

When discussing the fact that the store was called -4- one of the girls on the hall said - yeah....11-7=4 ....That's why I bet!! ha ha ha.....In truth - we have no idea why it is called -4-, but I think that Sarah's explanation is as good as any!! :) It makes me laugh every time I repeat it!!! ha ha ha

One of the husbands went to get his hair cut today at a local salon. He is military, so you can just imagine that he has hair like Steve....very very short. Well they washed his head, cut his hair, washed his head AGAIN...then blow dried his HEAD and it all cost them 2 American dollars. And to top it all off....he tried to give them a tip...and they refused to take it! ha hah ......So there are some benefits to China life! I may go get my hair cut tomorrow? It needs it - and for 2 may be the time!

sorry about the valintines day slide show! Didn't realize it had that in it till I had already uploaded - too lazy to go back and start over!! he ehee

So josh just fell asleep and here I sit. Back to my book since you all are sleeping!! :) Catch ya tomorrow!! Sending huge hugs and lots of kisses! Can't wait to get home!

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Susan said...

Renee- As Mommy to a 2 year old boy, I can imagine how tired you are right now. I would be stark raving bonkers! try the Chinese beer at the 4 store- cheaper than bottled water and quite good. Isn't there a play room in the hotel? GOOD LUCK!!! The White Swan will be better- lots of places to walk around! May time fly.

LoveBKW said...

Oh Susan...I am having one of those beers as I type!! Why are you not traveling with me! ha ha ha....I need a susan to keep me going! thank you for your comments!!! The White Swan is going to seem like paradise...or at least that is what I am told! I choose to blieve it so!! :)

shunter1019 said...

Hey Girl!
Sounds like a LONG day! :) I love Josh's cute hat and watching him watch Santa sing Jingle Bells. Is the song in English or Chinese Jingle Bells!? FUNNY! OK, if you read this, I have MANY requests for more cute videos in your spare time....we love to watch him in action- :) Miss you and talk soon!

reillymb said...

hey! i have to say that today i got to see all the video's for the first time! i have been keeping up with everything thru my phone. it was a little impossible to check it out while in dubois b/c my brother had DIAL UP INTERNET!!! yes they still have dial up can you believe it!
renee he is such a little china doll! his skin is so perfect and beautiful. you have a little cookie monster on your hands :)
i think he's gonna give will a run for his money to see who can eat the most junk food-- haha
have fun on your day off. enjoy just a few more days :)

dandsratz said...

Hey Renee! What an AWESOME experience you are having!!!! And letting us all join you w/ it through your are amazing!!! Little Josh sounds SOOOO darn cute!!! Renee so seriously...I'm totally laughing at the thoulght of watching BK&W laugh their heads off together when Josh throws his food!! I say Christmas food fight at the Mongolds!!! :) Look at the 4 best friends these precious boys will be!!! You know we love you! Praying hard for a quick & easy flight back home & the rest of your time there!!! What an AWESOME Christmas!!! Oh BTW!!!! Need to talk to either you or Steve!!!! Totally forgot that Dave has some info for ya'll!!!! Love you girl!!! You have inspired this've made us 'want to take this journey!!!' Come home Josh!!!

shunter1019 said...

I'm so happy he is adjusting so well. He seems so settled already in so many ways. I already wrote a note on the video portion, but had to share something totally off point for this blog :) Remember our conversation when u were in Detroit just about to leave regarding the working out and how you wouldn't be able to while there, and I was saying how I finally knew what you meant and it was worth just doing and getting over so not to feel guilty!?!? What happens when you don't do it and the guilt goes away - UH's happening to this girl! HELP :) Miss you!

LoveBKW said...

Shelli, here's what I think...right now...I don't care if I ever work out again!?! ha ha ha...and I think it is like junk food. Give yourself some junk (some time to juts be without wroking out) then...when you get back to the diet (the working out) you seem to take to it so much better!! I plan to force myself after teh first of the year and I will fake it till I make it...and then be needing it all over agin in no time!! And so will you!! I have been in that place before...everone gets burned out! you'll get it back!! ha hah