Monday, December 15, 2008

Our first night together!

We are back in our room. Not much time together till we needed to sleep! I had to get two things done....feed him, and get those terrible clothes off and bath him!!! And both got done!

I did the bath thing first! He HATED it! Ya know...I wanted to take my time and get him used to the idea and make sure that he didn't cry...etc.etc....but that was in the other perfect world where I got him at 9am and didn't need to rush!! So the world where I received him at 4pm and didn't get back to the hotel room from our paperwork session till 7:30....well...that world called for a quick bath!! And so we did it. He was not happy....but we did it quick and got out and within a few min he was laughing and playing peek a boo from under the towel!

AFter bath, we had a nice dinner. My boy can eat with chop sticks? Yeah? No kidding! And I was told to get him Rice for dinner and instead he ate spicy tomato sauce on chicken! A lot of it too! He won't be small for long! And because he likes to use his chop stick skills, he breaks everything - even animal crackers - up into small pieces and eats them with the sticks! So messy? This kid is a mess just waiting to happen at all times!! :)

When he was done with his dinner, he smiled at me with this huge grin, and took the plate with both hands and threw it on the floor? Then he lauged out loud...and ran and hid in the closet? ha ha ha......and when I was on the phone with my family, he took his toy cell phone and followed me around the room imitating me perfectly!

I game him my phone and let my mom talk to him for a he was listening to her...all of a sudden...the phone fell to the ground. No kidding ....he was out like a light! Sound asleep? He must like the sound of Grandma's voice! ha ha ha

Or she is boring? Not sure which! heee -----kidding mom!! You are my hero right now!! I'll stop with the jokes!!!! :)

Here are a few pics of our first night in the room together! I truly and so in love with this little guy! Ben and Will both talked to him on the phone - Kyle is kind of mad at me for leaving and won't talkt to me at all. It truly breaks my i won't talk about it or I'll cry...and I am too tired to get all worked up right now! But Kyle....if anyone at home is reading this...I LOVE YOU GUY! So much that you could never even understand! I love you all!! Josh can't wait to meet his brothers....he laughs and smiles when I show him their photos!

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Heather said...

You are OUR special angel as Lizzy was yours! Thank you so much for the motherly hands with our Lillian- Jason was so grateful! Thanks for the details and especially for the picture!
back home with the boys