Thursday, December 11, 2008

We arrived in Beijing safe and sound!!!

I left Detroit on December 10th, at 2pm EST. I arrived in Tokyo at 5pm on December 11th. And my flight was only 13 hours long? Then, I left Tokyo at 5:30pm on the 11th and will take a 4 hour trip to Beijing and arrive there at 9:20 on December 11th?

I think this time travel thing is pretty cool. I had a very short December 10th! Probably the shortest day of my life!! Ha ha ha….but on the flip side, I’ll have a 36 hour long Christmas day, as I leave at 8:30 in the morning from China and Arrive home at 5:20pm that same day – yet I will have 17 hour of flying? Hee hee….Fun to think about right!! And kind of confusing all at the same time!!

So while I feel like it is 5am and I have not been to bed yet….I truly am doing ok. I kept myself awake on the plane except for a few hours, so that I could get to China and be really tired and hit the sack! Another couple that Is on our trip with us – who I met in the Tokyo airport – has their 4 year old son with them! He is being a trooper and I don’t think this time change is going to trip him up a bit!! What a great little guy he is! And this is a big trip for him – he is getting a brother on this trip!! Wow…that’s big!! He must be so excited inside that little head of his! Probably can’t really explain the emotions he feels….but I am sure he feels it just the same!

A nice man that I met in Detroit is on the same flight that we are on to Beijing and when he saw me as I boarded the plane passing by his throne in the first class section on my my to the ever so tight quarters of the coach section of the plane….he handed me a stack of drink vouchers!!! Told me to enjoy this flight and my last week with only 3 kids!! Ha aha ha….I just may do that when we get up and running here! Nice people everywhere – love it!

The man next to me on this flight is a bit strange? He keeps standing up and the flight attendant keeps telling him to sit down? He is not old, not does he looks slow, but I swear she is ready to strap a seat cushion on to him and toss him out the escape hatch. I am trying not to laugh, but she is getting so mad at him and she fully explains the dangers of standing up during taxi and take off…..and he sits and listens to her….and then not 5 min later….he is just standing in the isle again? Not sure why – he does not head to the bathroom or go digging for anything in the overhead compartment? He just stands up… if he is will….flaunting the stolen toy in front of his brothers faces….just so they will scream?!?! Ha haha. Anyway – “weird” man is now asleep, so I don’t think we will hear from him again? Wonder in the flight attendant slipped something in his water! Ha ha ha

Ok…I am in my hotel. It is now morning. We arrived at 11pm last night and everything went just fine as we checked in. Barbara – our guide – is so organized and she got us set up very quickly. The air is thick with smog and it looks as if you can cut it with a knife. Barbara told us that for the Olympic games here in Beijing, the government actually released chemicals into the air for lessen the smog and pollution during the games to make the place look and smell better~! That is crazy right?!!? I have yet to see Beijing in the daytime. It is still very early in the morning here. I was not able to sleep as well as I might have liked, so I got a few hours and now I will drink my instant coffee and head to the shower for a day or touring and breakfast in the restaurant with my fellow travelers. Everyone is being so nice and the group of people I am with are all so different in many ways, but we have this one huge thing in common. Our love for our kids and or excitement for our new babies! I find great comfort knowing that I have some familiar faces to meet me downstairs in a couple of hours!

My panda phone is working so well and so I have talked to my mom already. Kids are doing great and she said it is really going even better than she expected. She could be lying for my sake, but I didn’t get that from her in her voice!! THANK YOU MOM!!

And Steve, Alyssa is sending you all of my blogs each day so that just maybe you can get them and be able to follow along on this journey! I sure miss you. I panicked when I could not get the adapter to work in my room and I could not get the phone to turn on at first etc. etc. But I just sit…take a deep breath and realize, that I am doing this for both of us – for all of us…and I need to get my sleepy head in the game and figure it out. And sure enough…I have done good so far! But man do I wish you were here with me!!!

Love to all….more after I have actually seen Beijing and have a better idea of our schedule and exactly when I get to see Josh for the first time!!


Erica said...

Renee, you are a master blogger! I am so happy you are there safe and sound. I cannot wait to hear more. Sending all of our love to you and that sweet little boy who has no idea how wonderful his life is about to get!

Laurie said...

Glad you are there safe! Can't wait to follow along!