Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What did we do before the internet!?

I am sitting in the Detroit airport and I have about two more hours till my flight! Great morning so far. My stomach is not as ready to be sick, hands are still shaking?, Cough is not as bad today as it has been(people by me on the plane will be appreciative of that!!) and there is this nice Internet cafe that has coffee...toast...and well....Internet!!! Amazing what 10 bucks can buy you for 15 min!! ha ha ha....oh well...all worth it!! :)

The nice lady who checked me in today asked me why I was going to china. When I told her, she started to cry and she gave me 25.00 in airport cash to help me fill my three hours of wait time this morning! So nice!! :) People are just so nice. Yeah...there is a bad seed every now and again, but for the most part - people are good and helpful and nice! And that helps me to be reminded of that as I sit here and wait to make this journey alone. I may need those nice people in the next couple of weeks and I am happy to feel positive about their existence!!! :)

Mom got the kids off to school, Dorian to Bed, lunches packed, people dressed, and all before 8:30 in the AM? She must feel like a rock star! And to me...she is a rock star!!

Bob and Dianne.....I look forward to seeing you on Christmas!! Thank you for being my second shift and for taking care of my world for me! I am one lucky Daughter in Law!!

Next stop....China...and I'll try and write from there when I get in!! Back to my toast!!!


Susan said...

Renee- Try to get someone to video tape the moment your son is handed to you. Those first facial expressions on your little man are priceless and you won't remember them- it'a all so huge. Take more pictures of him when you first get him than you can stand- You'll want to relive every moment after you get home and have a few months to digest it all. Also- gotcha day involves alot of distress in some of the children(actually a pretty healthy sign)- and some express it by biting- wear something with alot of padding around the shoulders and pray he's not a biter. One poor dad in our group had a welt on his shoulder the size of a golfball. Thanks for blogging! You're going to do great!!!

shunter1019 said...

I am so so so proud of you. Yesterday was SO hard but you, we:), got through it together. You are on a plane right now, and honestly, I can't work because it's all I can think about. I am so happy that May's sister will be in the exact same city as you and I emailed her back the contact info for the cell phone that you will have with you. May responded saying that Keny really does hope that you call her and that she would love to meet you and Josh. I miss you already and can't wait until we all get to read that first blog from China!!! PS..I hope you like Twilight as much as me -it will help with that LONG flight! Love you!

Dianne said...

You're off on a wonderful adventure. We'll keep checking your blog, but will understand if you've got your hands full with other things - particularly, a little boy on the 15th! Love to you and Josh. Dianne and Bob

ronvic7 said...

Been there done this once and waiting on our daughter from Josh's orphanage now. Enjoy every second. Most of all, treasure your time with your son. Take in his country like a sponge, it will go by so fast that you will come home and think, wait, wait, it is over already? But it's not, your journey of fun and life time of loving with this precious boy will just be beginning.
Hugs and congrats!!
Vickie and Ron

Catherine said...

You have been on my mind constantly, but I just logged on to your blog for the first time in a few days and am just shocked with what your mom went through. I can understand why you would be nervous and I am just so proud of you and your family for all pulling together to make this adoption happen. Little Josh is one fortunate little boy to have a family that loves him so much. Peter and I are praying for you and we can't wait to see pictures of you holding him! Love, Cath

wyanne said...

Just wanted to let you know I saw the gang walking in the neighborhood yesterday....and everyone looked healthy and happy! I'm sorry I missed you before you left. My thoughts are with you and I'll be checking your blog everyday.


Erica said...

Oh love is just pouring out for you across the miles! How blessed Josh is already to have a grandmother willing to face all those fears just to make sure his mommy can greet him as she should! Love to all those boys and their very precious MOMMY! AND HOORAY FOR BROTHERS AND SISTERS that give so much of themselves and ask nothing in return. ALYSSA and BRIAN, you are so very wonderful!