Monday, December 22, 2008

What a night....we finally Love the bath!

To say that before today...Josh hated the bath... is a huge understatement. I was like bathing a cat...he would scream and cry and try and jump out...and I just worked a quick as I possibly could to get him moderately clean and that I could minimize the trauma! I tried putting toys in and making bubbles....I tried no toys and no bubbles...but nothing made him like the bath!

So tonight...I undressed him...and he started to freak out and cry as soon as the shirt came off. So I just quickly filled the tub and was ready for the 1 min bath....when all of a sudden...he splashed water all over me and cracked himself up. And then it began...the love of bath time. He stayed in for 20 min...he was a prune...and he is FINALLY truly clean! Love it! I wonder if you can fit 4 boys in one garden tub? I think we need to try!! :)

Click to play bath time
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Catherine said...

Hey Renee, it's Pete. I have loved checking up on you two and remembering our own trip. I will be heading into work on Tuesday (about the time you go to sleep on Tuesday night) to check email and such. I think that I can get some of the pictures to Steve by work email (unlike the regular family email). I have grabbed all of the pix that aren't part of a slideshow, but if there are any special ones that you would like me to pass along (or if there is a particularly cute moment in the next 24 hours, post it on the main part of the blog and I'll see if I can get it off to him for ya. Hang on, you're almost there, and then you'll get to introduce Josh to the rest of the family...he is in for a TREAT!!! when he meets his brothers.

Catherine said...
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shunter1019 said...

OMG- SO cute!!!! I love the videos and the kids were cracking up watching him in the tub. He was having fun fun fun! Oh boy will he fit in with the clan!! Miss you- you are now TRULY almost there!!!!! Keep chuggin, the train's almost home!!!

Angela Nikolaus said...

Hey Reen!
Yes!! Four boys CAN fit into a garden tub! I have proof:) A few years back (man, I'm getting old!) Galen, Austin, Logan and Zachary shared a tubby in Tasha's garden tub and LOVED it. The floor was soaked, bubbles were everywhere, but we had four clean boys when we were done so it wasn't all bad!

Oh my! Josh is just loving his tubby:) Hooray! The kids just got a Bath Blizzard; we haven't used it yet, but if it rocks you are so getting one from PA!

We love you guys and are thoroughly enjoying your videos and commentary. Josh is too sweet! I can't wait 'til you're both home safe and sound.

Not long now! Be safe:)
Love and Miss,

BC said...

I did not want that video to end...He looks like he is full of personality.

reillymb said...

omg! that is priceless! just wait 'til he sees that ocean! you won't be able to keep him out of it. plus he's a march baby so he's a fish so watch out :)