Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Fort that brings them together and The Mongolds are all together again!

The one thing that brings Will and Josh together is the building of a fort that they can play in together. Sheets, blankets, chairs, beds...whatever I can use to make a fort. They love to play together - under something. So I went today and bought a tent. For their room? Yeah....2200 square feet of home, 4 kids, a big dog and two adults...yet we found room for a Coleman tent!! :) And it is such a hit!

Josh is in the tent in this pic, but would not even come out to say cheese for the camera! They had a blast. I bought this about 4 hours before Daddy came home. so this is where we waited for him!! :)

It made such peace in our home...that Will and Josh went from the tent to play together with Mr. Potato Head!! No stealing...just playing! It was a great way to be... right before Daddy came home!

This is Will and the tent!!!

And of course...Josh can always find a door to open and shut! He knocks on it...opens it and says - Hi there!!! :) then closes it again! And we continue to wait? We were told daddy would be home at 1:00 - it is now 4pm?

About 4:30, the door opens! Finally - the moment we have all been waiting for. Everyone was so excited!! :)

Most of all - Will! He just missed daddy something fierce!! :) Called him on his pretend cell - EVERY day and left messages.

They took daddy directly upstairs to see the tent! :) Josh watched the boys jumping all over Steve...for about 5 min - he just stood and watched. Steve turned to him and said..."Hello Buddy - how are you?!?!" And josh just walked right over to him and started to crawl up his back!! ;) With a huge smile!

Steve flipped him over his shoulders to his lap - like he would with any of our kids and josh laughed out loud and would not leave Steve's lap for the next 10 min!! :)

He has loved Steve ever since! Every now and again Josh will get that concerned deer in the headlights look on his face and he will look over at me. And when I say - It's ok guy...that's daddy...remember daddy? And Josh will shake his head and on he goes playing with Steve and the kids! Amazing!

Maybe showing him pics every dad did work? Who knows! I know that watching the other boys hug on Steve and crawl all over him also made Steve an immediately friendly person to Josh. He loves his brothers so much. AT times...I truly believe that he loves them more than me! ha ha ha...and that is OK by me right now! As long as he feels can come from any one of us and I am at peace with that!! :)

A victory of a day! We had an hour at home and headed directly to Kyle's basketball game where he played so well he scored 4 points and had a blast!! Kyle was on cloud 9! MVP and Daddy is home...could his day have been any better!

We all had a super homecoming and while daddy has to work all weekend - at least we know that he will be home for dinner today and tomorrow and then he has off Monday to Thursday to be home with us. Or at least that is the claim now. Would not be surprised if he ends up working - not his choice! But knowing we can see him at the end of the day is A-OK for us! Life is good!

Thank you from all 6 of us for your prayers and love that helped me get to this wonderful day! Whoo hoo!!


shunter1019 said...

OK- seriously, I have cried every day since you left and every day since you've come back! :) I am SO happy for you guys. Steve, welcome home, we missed you!!! It looks like Friday may have been another Christmas day to the Mongold boys!! We are all so happy that Steve is home and that your whole family is together-very together-like squished in your house together :) I can't wait to talk to you later! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. It is really amazing how Josh feels so extremely comfortable already- comfortable enough to trust you and his brothers and without too much effort let him know that this was his daddy. It's like he knew! AWESOME! So glad you had an awesome day!!!! Thanks for posting the pics so quickly. Certainly made my day- love to everyone! Shelli

sara said...

Your family of 6 has MADE MY MORNING!!!!!! I love the smile on Will's face as his Daddy holds him! How perfect, perfect, perfect!! I haven't even had my coffee and THIS has me charged!!

Thank you for posting so quickly ;)You know what we needed!! How awesome that Josh said "what the heck" too! A LOT different than when YOU met him, right????

Big Hugs from Colorado!!!!!


Dianne said...

Sending our love to all of you. What wonderful pictures and reporting of Stephen's homecoming. We needed to see and hear it! Looking forward to talking to Stephen, but know his days are busy settling in, but will try to call tonight. Love to all. Dianne and Bob

Bill and Midge said...

We are soooo happy the Mongolds are finally all together! How amazing Joshua welcomed his Daddy so readily! We are thrilled for you all - you made it to this point Renee! Isn't that incredible?!

Dianne said...

Such awesome news!!! What a relief it must be to be finaly all together again. Its so amamzing how well Josh just seems to keep on adapting. What a special boy he is and as super cute as his brothers too. I loved the bike and beach pictures. Enjoy your weekend of catching up!!!!

Dianne and the gang

dandsratz said...

Oh Renee!!! These are the BEST pictures and the BEST post!!! It is SOOO wonderful to see all of ya'll together & SOOO happy!! Welcome Home Steve!!! Renee, as long as I live, I will NEVER forget that day on the street when Steve came home from his last deployment and to watch all 5 of you go completely crazy that Steve was was like watching the BEST movie in the entire world! To watch all of you go completely into almost a "bubble"...that nothing around existed, expect the love that ya'll share for each other--I'll never forget it! It was AWESOME!!! I can only imagine that today was even better than that!! Steve had a new son to meet--how fabulous!!!! And I know that you are complete heaven with your man home!! The love that ya'll have for each other, and as a family--it is SOOO wonderful to see!!! What a perfectly grand day!!! Thank you for your emails this week--it was so great to catch up with you!! :) Kiss everyone there from all of us!!

lyss23 said...

awe you made me cry...well everything seems to make me cry right now which makes me think i've got another boy for you all! soo happy for your family! Hi steve!

Heather said...

Praise the Lord! I am so glad Josh took to Daddy so well! I know you must be so happy yourself to have Daddy home (an extra set of hands couldn't hurt!)

Ellen said...

Welcome home Steve!! So glad to see Daddy with his boys and thrilled that this day came a bit earlier than expected!