Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home is not so bad???!!!

Anyone who knows me - KNOWS - that I am always on the go. From the beach to the park, to a bike ride, and then to the YMCA etc. etc. Even when we have no Basketball, Cub scouts, Tennis or school, I love to be on the go!

Well...I have had to admit a bit of defeat with a fourth child. (at least for a while - ha ha ha) We still do regular activities... three different school schedules ....and homework, but we are now introducing a two year old into our lives. One that gets tired a bit more easy, and that needs two naps a day if I can swing it!

So that means, that the Mongolds have had to find a bit more fun around the house to keep the little Mongold Men busy!

And you know what - all is well! We have an hour here and an hour there and some blocks of even two or three hours, where I plan to go out and about, and in the just seems easier to find joy at home than it is to drag Josh out of bed, get coats on 4 kids and head out! ON top of that, It's been a bit chilly for the beach and our long bike rides, so the back yard is in full swing.

We can play and then come in to warm up and then go at it again! Sorry northern friends - I know that 40 degrees is not chilly to some...but for us...we are climatized right now and it feels like 20 below!

Here are a few pics of our very normal home life! Oh how good normal feels!! I sure don't miss the adoption "process" and I don't miss the waiting and the anxiety. I don't miss the planning and the unknowns....I just love the NORMAL life that we are finding each day that goes by! I feel crazy some days, out of control on others- but complete every day of the week! And that is worth every ounce of what we have been through having our children, moving, adopting etc. etc. Worth it all 10 times over! But I will not lie! I love that my biggest hurdle right now is finding entertainment at home for 4 boys! LOVE IT! :)

The tire swing has become a spaceship that we can escape the bad guys on!

Will gets cold more easy than the others, so he visits the inside more often for snacks and drinks!

Josh would stay outside in a hurricane if I would let him! That child was born to be outside! He never gets cold or tired when he can be out!

Can you see it Will...get a bit closer?

Super hero's together - fighting for good! I THINK!

Mommy's guitar is not in use currently, so Josh and Will have found lots of fun playing with it - and the case!

Here is the Justice League again!~

Josh's favorite thing to do is the See Saw with either Ben or Kyle. They can make him go up and down and spin him at the same time. The big boys are truly Josh's HEROS!!!

Kyle's best buddy in Florida - Zachary played with us the other day. His mom had a baby girl this day and so we got to keep him for a while! What fun we had!

Well...he hugs me and plays anything I want? Hmmm....maybe Josh is not so bad after all?!?!?


Bill and Midge said...

Great pictures! It's good to see everyone settling into your "new normal". I finally admitted defeat yesterday when Bill walked in the door - I can't do it all! My house is constantly a mess and I just don't see it getting better anytime soon. And I know what you mean about life just being easier at home for a while. My days sort of whirl by me, and so many days at the end I feel like I've accomplished very little, but when I see my children smile at the end of the day I know I did the important things.

shunter1019 said...

I love those pics!!! I was in need of a fix and checked as soon as I got downstairs. Yippee!!! Oh how I wish for 40 degrees-it's 16 here and in VA, that's pretty cold too! I love the pics of the boys with the goggles on. Hysterical! Love you, Shelli

Heather said...

I am so use to boys- the justice league is such a familiar word! Now with our Lillian we are learning to play girl!

I love the goggles for hero wear! Great idea! Josh is so adorable. I can only imagine how busy you are with 4- my hands are oh so full with 3!