Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm not seeing my new years card just yet?!?!

So I dressed the kids in the cute shirts that Erica bought them! Each with their own letter on the front! J for Josh, W for Will and so on! So sweet! I bribed them with candy at Walgreen's when we went to drop off film....sat them all down on the futon in the game room....and then it happened!

Not listening
Laughing some more
Sitting on each other
Saying silly words
Laughing some more
hands in front of faces
And a bit more....not listening!!

And so I will try again another day! ha ha ha....but I got a few pics that are fine! Nothing great - but believe me when I say....these are truly the best that I have to offer!! :) My New Years card is going to have to be created another day!! :)


shunter1019 said...

OH SO CUTE! Love the shirts. And I really like the close up pic of Josh and Will. It's been so great catching up with you -I'd really missed the long chats. Life is starting to feel normal again(for me anyhow!!)-LOL! Miss you girl! Love to all the boyz!

lyss23 said...

hahaha those pictures are so cute! You rock erica for getting those shirts!!! I tried taking a picture with the boys and dorian...i know EXACTLY what you went through HA HA HA HA

sara said...

candy - that's what I need!! DUH!!!!!! I think the pictures are FABULOUS! and I love,love,love the shirts - I want some!! Did she buy them?? Absolutely adorable, especially for your boys!!!

Erica said...

I love them in their shirts. The picture is going to be day! haha. The misery is taking it :( Oh well, they are good. You will have to do a collage I am guessing.

And, I got them at Chasing Fireflies online!