Sunday, January 25, 2009

Josh't first SLEEPOVER, finger painting and Renee's resolution!

Finger painting and paint eating were much fun! Josh does not like to be dirty? He has to eat every meal with a wet paper towel in order to clean his hands and face after every bite. Little by little, he is easing up on this requirement!
At first - he was not sure what he thought of the paint on his hands. After about 10 min...he realized that this was well worth the mess!! :) We have his first glorious piece of art work hung on the wall for all to see! He will walk up to it often and point and say - Mine! He is very proud!
Will loves to paint. It is his favorite thing to do in the whole world! And Will is truly so happy for any company when he paints. Ben and Kyle don't have the "stick to it - ism" to paint for hours like Will prefers! But Josh was in for at least 45 min! Will said that Josh is his new "painting friend"!

Our good friend Shea spent the night on Saturday night. He is in Ben's class at school and his family has become the most wonderful friends to the whole Mongold family here in Fernandina Beach! It was not only OUR first sleepover here in this house, but Josh's first sleepover - EVER! They all had a blast!

Since we only have one "boys" dorm here at our house, the boys all slept together (not josh - he reluctantly went to his crib) in one room! Not much sleep was had, but the giggles were worth every second of tired crying that we will put up with today! :)
And as for me and my resolution....well....I seem to have the whole "4 kid" thing going on ok here! I get everyone fed, clothed, played with, carted to activities and sports - and I can do it all without feeling frazzled. The house is pretty clean and the toys are organized. Homework is done on time and done well and everyone seems happy.
So don't take this the wrong way - I am HAPPY! But I have realized in the past two month, that when something had to was my needs that went by the wayside. I am ok with this, and not resentful in anyway. But my thought is this...if I can meet the needs of everyone else...and do it with out too much stress...then there is room to meet a few of my needs as well. I just need to make the effort and get moving in the right direction.
Most of you know that before I started my china planning - I would hit the gym at least 5 days a week - I would run most every day and I ate pretty healthy. My own physical shape was important to me, but not quite as important as the energy and stamina that my working out gave me in all other aspects of my life.
So when I cut this part of my life back significantly, I started to feel it in more ways than my waistline! I need to run, I need the outlet for my energy and I need the energy that I gain from being in shape to be a good mom! And so it begins. My resolution to me.
I plan to find the time in each day to run, or get to the gym, or to do Pilates, whatever....but in order to be the mom that I love being, I need to be on top of my own game!! :) I resolve to eat right. And to this end, I joined the online weight watchers. Yep....I need to be accountable for a few months so that I can get myself back on the track that I used to know and love. And when I have to punch in the 9 point piece of pizza that I ate (or maybe two) then I think...won't do that again!! :) Worth 60 bucks if it helps me to think before I eat! MM's don't count as a meal? It says that right on the home page of weight watcher - doesn't it?!?! :)
And as for running. I started last week to make it a daily priority. Kind of rough going in the first days.....I have not lost it - just not as fast as I was! :) but that will come back too. Muscles have memory just like our brain! I am convinced of that! !:)
And that is all i have on this Sunday afternoon! Time to get the itty ones up from nap so I can rescue poor Tisha - who has B and K on the beach right now! She is the one dealing with the sleepless crying! And that hardly seems fair!! ha ha ha!!
Here's hoping everyone has a super week! I know we will!! More to come from the Mongold house soon!! :)


dandsratz said...

Oh Reneee!! I love reading about your heart and those precious little men!! Sometimes, I think that I feel the exact same way--its just darn busy, isn't it!! :) And while some may look at staying at home more, not shopping or 'official activities', or not having quite as much time for ourselves like we might be 'not as happy' or not 'as fulfilled'....the joy that comes from all of this business is the most complete joy I have ever felt!! Dirty faces, dirty diapers, dirty house, homework & schedules!! It actually is quite awesome, isn't it!! :) I love your resolution....I'm working on that myself...the exercising part!! It is amazing how MUCH better I feel when I can cram it in...but I also know that sometimes, it just has to slide!! You know I love you, and those precious little men!! Alexander was actually digging through his bug box yesterday and found a spider you gave him...he asked about ya'll and said that he misses Ben & Kyle!! It was sweet!! We are TALKING about a trip FL...I'll keep you posted...if we do, we HAVE to stop by. I want to squeeze that Josh!!!

shunter1019 said...

Hey girl!

When I read your blogs, I remember exactly why you are the best friend ever!! I, unlike you, don't have 4 kids running around, but my job has kept me away from the running I grew to love. I get so mad at myself because being that I work from home alone THREE days out of the week, you would think that I could squeeze this in. Boy do I have to fill you in on some stuff...anyhow, point being- I think all of us moms know exactly what you are feeling-we definitely put our needs last which is just the name of the game I guess!! BUT, that you can even physically fit it in with all you have on your plate, you are a rock star in my book!!! Here's to getting back at it! We'll keep each other honest with it!:) I love the pics of Josh and the paint. What a sweetie he is! Will looks just oh so grown up these days and while it makes me smile, it makes me sad. He really is no longer a baby. I miss my silly Kyle and of course always miss my most special godson, Ben- my sorta "carbon copy"-oh how we stress!! :) I am going to try to give u a call in a bit. Love you and thanks for sharing this awesome blog!

Erica said...

And we were just talking about how the workout thing is so much harder for us these days...and I dont have the 4 children excuse. We just have to be accountable to each other. It is so hard to get out of the " mom only" status once you have dug yourself in deep. I struggle with it constantly. You wrestle feeling selfish versus knowing you need an outlet. I think our children are always better off if we are happy and healthy, even if that means an hour away from them during the day. I was just thinking last year at this time I rarely missed a day in the gym...not even one day..and you were right there with me. We just have to get our groove back..and we will. But the notion that m&m's are not a meal is just...well, I cannot even think about that! Love you so much. Cannot wait till March!

Erica said...

and I love seeing Josh stuff his face with popcorn! That is amazing!

Erica said...

and I love seeing Josh stuff his face with popcorn! That is amazing!

sara said...

I love seeing & hearing about your men!! I love Joshy's new haircut!! He looks so much younger now :)

I could second your resolution. I think that it will help me to have more energy if I could/would squeeze in a workout. In fact, I bought a biggest loser workout video today!! I feel a revival coming on!!!

Big Hugs,

reillymb said...

do you think there will be a 1/2 marathon in your future?? let me know i'll do one with ya :)

Eric said...

Good to hear you're feeling like life is getting under some semblance of control. I second the exercise thing, and recently bought a used bike trainer so that I can get in 10-20 miles on the bike in the garage if I can't get "away" for 30 minutes to run. As many excuses as I have for NOT exercising, I think I am much better off both physically and emotionally when I take that little extra time for myself.

The Smith family has scheduled our "summer" vacation. We tried to get St Augustine but it was booked. We had to settle for Daytona the week of Labor Day. I'm hoping we can work out a way to meet you one day somewhere in between. We will be there from the 4th to the 11th -- pencil it in on your calendar. We'll try to train Leah not to steal Josh's shovel and pail by then!