Friday, January 30, 2009

My photographers

Playing with mommy's camera is a favorite past time in the Mongold house. I don't really like when they do it - because it is the sole reason that we have our current camera? The last one was broken by a little man? No one will say which one it was...but none the less - BROKEN!

So when they ask if they can take pictures - what do I say? YES? Drives Steve nuts!! But the following photos are compliments of either Ben, Kyle and Will. Josh plays with it, but can't quite figure out how to take a picture. He just holds it in front of his face - backwards - and says CHEESE!! :)

No...I don't think anyone has some secret talent or will be attending any famous schools for photography! But it is interesting to see what they find "photo worthy"! And it is so much fun to have them sit and view the photos that they have taken! They crack themselves up!!

Most all of these photos were taken in the last few days...but there are a couple that I think are funny from months passed. I delete most of these at the end of the month, but once in a while the kids take a photo that is a keeper - and not always because they have captured someones best side!! :) ha ha ha And Alyssa and Shelli - if you are offended - I swear I will delete them from the blog - just say the word!! :) ha ha ha

Kyle can often be found playing DS with a look of utter concentration on his face!!

Ben playing the Wii. He is truly in another universe and has no idea he is being captured on film!

Will loves being photographed so much....that when he can't find someone to take pictures of him...he takes them of himself!

All three kids LOVE to take photos of the TV. Then they like to look back at them and discuss what show it was and when they watched that episode? They like pics of the TV like I LOVE pics of them? Hmm....kind of scary!

Poor Josh - just trying to eat...and Kyle is flashing one shot after another. He just sits there and takes it now! He is getting used to this crazy family little by little! noticing that his alternate universe is being compromised by photographer Will. And he is not happy about it!

Will being Silly and loving the attention of the camera? Who will this kid be?!?!

Aunt Shelli - helping Kyle to take the silliest photos he can find!! The kids love this one and it will never be erased! Sorry Aunt Shelli - but you are a hero because of this face!!! :)

If I don't lean over for Will's photos....he gets my chest and no face?

WIll loves seeing his own silly faces on the computer. We have at least a hundred photos of wills face like this!! :)
Ben made Will pose in Daddy's hat for this one!
Kyle was taking photos the day after we got back from China. Just what I want to remember - mommy ....looking haggard....drinking to her seeping China Baby? Not a proud photo!! :)
The flash is not always on when they take pics, but Kyle got a neat shot here!!
This face may be better than Aunt Shelli's - but the thing is...I am not sure Alyssa was trying!! ha ha ha (kidding!!)
Every photo of me that Kyle takes is an UP shot! Cracks me up. This is what Kyle sees when he looks at me - better keep that nose clean!! :)


shunter1019 said...

Oh my! I'm not sure what to say about me, so I'll focus on Alyssa's crazy face in her pic!! :) Sorry Lysa!!! Looking at all of those shots, something came to my mind that made me laugh out loud!!! I thought, "no wonder Josh adjusted so fast, he thinks he joined a circus-what kid doesn't love a circus!!!! " And what a lovely, wonderful, loving circus this family is ! Love, Aunt Shelli

lyss23 said...

Ha ha ha I don't know Smell, Your face is pretty hard to top! ha ha ha It is so funny to see what they see in their tiny eyes! Priceless pictures....nothing beats Will taking a picture of his bum bum!

sara said...

I am just glad that SOMEONE is taking pictures in your house - you know, catching all the great moments!! You guys are looking great!!!

Erica said...

You look so tan and warm :) I am jealous! I don't often get to see your face on the now I miss you even more. So, as much as I want our camera to be in working order, let the boys snap away!!! I love it!

reillymb said...

Love it. Tell will he takes after his aunt mb! All my friends get mad at me when they see so many of me on their cameras. Haha. Hey I'm off for a week Feb 13thru your CRazy family up for a visitor? Let me know willing to travel now that I have a reliable car.: