Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our New Years Break - and a little secret!!

After three stores with 4 kids - looking for our bike trailer - we found just what I wanted! And to be honest...I just wanted a bike trailer? Was not that picky! I am guessing that many people got these for Christmas, because many stores were OUT!!

And after a whole day of assembly - had to walk away at some point to quit from crying and then that night I got out the big tools and got the darn thing together!!

...We finally left the garage! Together - and HAPPY! We had 5 days left of New Years Break and truly NOTHING to do but a couple of basketball practices? we biked! And we biked....and we biked! To the beach and back again - two times every day. Biked to a friends house.....We played at the park, stopped for drinks at our version of 7-11 and looked for any small hill that we could find to go down FAST!!!

WE dug for buried treasure, and just passed time eating snacks and doing not much of anything! We made the most of our 5 days!
Now we are back in school and the week is really flying by. Ben came home from school yesterday and said - "Mom...I feel like I never see Kyle, Will and Josh anymore?" And he seemed quite sad about that! Made me feel good. But at the same time, the separation of the kids for a few hours a day has really brought a bit of love and peace into the house. They are so excited to see each other at the end of the day (for us that is noon for Kyle and Will and 2pm for Ben) - that they play so well and we just seem happier as a whole - now that we have a bit of a routine back!
Now personally - I like "no school"! I like being home, doing nothing, going nowhere and having no commitments! But I would be lying to say that a "non committed, structure free" world is what is best for my kids! It is just NOT! And so I concede to a life of school, studying at home, sports, music, friends, parties, cubscouts, and whatever else I don't even know I will be signed up for yet!!! :) Out goes biking comes soccer mom!!! :)
But biking mom will be back on Saturday get ready boys....we are heading out and ABOUT!! :)
And Want to know a secret?!? Mommy is getting her Christmas present very very soon!! :) Yep...SURPRISE!! By the time I write again - I may be posting a picture of DADDY with this boy! Early? What? That never happens in the NAVY!!?! But indeed it is happening to us! And I could not be more happy, relieved, excited, all of it! It is going to be a great weekend! Hope that everyone else has a super weekend as well and I'll post about our reunion soon!! :)
Ready comes your tall, scary, daddy!! ha ha ha (Truly - I bet is will be fine in short order - I'll keep ya posted!)


Bill and Midge said...

WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! I love your secret - that's the best news ever. Finally together as a whole family! Can't wait to see pictures of Josh with his DADDY!!!!

shunter1019 said...

It's going to be a darn good weekend at the Mongold house. Yet another boy will join :) Can't wait to see some pics of that reunion!
Love you all,

reillymb said...

so happy for you and your sanity that steve will be home soon. that could not have been a better present :) prayin for safe travels and happy reunion!!!


Ellen said...

FANTASTIC news!! So happy for you and your boys!

sara said...

I love the pictures of your babies on the beach - but more so, I love your SECRET news!!!!!!!!! This is going to be great; especially after your wonderful experience with putting together the bike trailer. I am impressed. I would have paid the store to do it fore me! I cry too easily!!!