Monday, February 9, 2009

25 random things about me

So many people are doing this, and asking for others to do it. so here it is? Not sure if I can find 25 somewhat interesting things about me...but I will try!! :)

1. I wish I had the money and the energy for more kids, but I accept that I don't and am OK with that.

2. I am almost 40 years old and am a bit embarrassed to admit that my parents divorce affects me?

3. I miss my brother living down the street so much that it makes me cry.

4. I don't believe that time heals all. I think a heart has to be open to change in order for time to work for you.

5. My best friends in life...the people that I have chosen and that have chosen me to go through this crazy world with... are truly a huge part of my family. In every way. OH...and my bio family is my family in every way too! ha hah a...I feel very blessed in this area - VERY blessed!!!

6. I eat when I am feeling out of control. If I am heavy...I am crazy...if I am thin...I am at my happiest! And the happy has nothing to do with thin...just a bi-product of my eating tendencies!

7. I almost gave away my dog because I felt like I could not handle her. I am glad that I know myself well enough now to make decisions based on how I will feel in the future...when today is not a sane day!

8. I love that my sisiter had a child and a second one on the way!

9. If I could eat Cranberry scones for every meal and not gain a pound - I would!

10. I think I NEED coffee?

11. When I started our adoption process....I really did want a girl. Now that changed the second I saw the faces of all those beautiful children that needed homes. But in it's conception, I did want girl! Just because.

12. I don't love looking older...but I do like BEING older. I would not go back for anything!

13. I love clothes. But I never feel like I buy the right things? I try....but then a week later I think - that's not me...let's try something else?

14. Every time I have a kid - I cut my hair. And every time I cut my hair...I hate it and regret it. Guess I have proven it is not hormonal!

15. Ben has acquired my ability to remember most all things in life in vivid detail. And some days I feel bad for him that he will not be able to forget ANYTHING.

16. I often wonder what the future will bring, and I try to picture how it will look. But I don't stress about it. I have this weird belief that everything will turn out great! No matter what today is looking like. Almost like I refuse to believe there could EVER be a negative long term outcome! Nice to be this way for some reasons...but not very "real" if you ask me!!

17. In my mind...I can still do a back tuck!

16. As tough as I may think I am...being in China - alone - scared me. Really scared me. I think it toned my confidence down a few notches!

18. I work every day to be a better mother, wife and friend. I truly believe I will always be a work in progress.

19. I am not very competitive. I hope my kids get more of a competitive edge than I have.

20. I truly believe that when life gives you lemons you HAVE to make Lemonade. 89% of the things I set out to do- don't end up like I planned - and I have come to accept that and actually kind of like the challenge of finding good in it all!

21. When I have nothing to do? I hate it? I can't ever relax and I love having too much to do. There is a line though - and when I cross it and have TOO TOO much to do...I pull back to the other side of the line!

22. When my friends/family are in pain or are suffering in some way - I feel it with my whole self. I can't separate from it. Not sure I wish myself to be any different, but it can get overwhelming at times to the point where I have a hard time finding happiness. Guess I just need everyone I love to be happy in order to be happy myself...No pressure guys ....really!!!

23. I think I would flunk a 2nd grade geography test.

24. I hear the word Mommy - 10 thousand times a day - and it never gets old. Annoying...yes...but I still love to hear it!

25. I am an inconsistent person. One week I focus on the kids reading...and the next week I am focused on art work? I never make it past one week on a "kid" chart. I even write differently on different weeks! I think I may be 6 people all wrapped up in one - maybe we all are!!


Dianne said...

What a wonderful way to sit down, focus, and learn about yourself. Your list is so interesting. Some items I think I could have said about you as I know you and others surprised me. Someday I'll share my list with you! You've put a challenge in front of me! Thanks for sharing.

lyss23 said...

Those are so fun...I really didn't know all 25 about you! And Thank you for being excited for me, Wouldn't know what to do without you! Miss and Love you all!

shunter1019 said...

Hysterical- unfortunately I do believe that every single person in our grade, from our school, would flunk a geography test. Mary has bought her daughter and my sons a map puzzle of the US(she was really buying it for us to learn along with them!)

Erica said...

I have already commented on this list about you on facebook, but I will echo it again. Your inconsistency is not inconsistency at all. it is a gift of expressing yourself and your love for everyone in so many different ways...and how blessed we all are to be a victim of your inconsistency! Love you girl...and THAT is consistent :)

SFC said...

Very interesting comments, but not surprising. You see life so in depth & can uniquely describe your thoughts & feelings. Actually,I can identify with these; we truly are very similar in the way we think & view life. (but you are able to express it way better than I can) Is that scary? You know yourself already, which is what most people strive to do their whole life. I love reading everything you write. Mostly I just love you & take pride in the wonderful kind caring thoughtful person you are always.

sara said...

So, did you cut your hair with JOSH?? Just wondering - haven't seen your appearance on the blog for awhile!

I totally agree with #4. Your heart is so transparent & soft - stay that WAY!!! Don't change :=)