Monday, February 23, 2009

The crazy month of February!

In between painting and trying to do fun things with the kids - somehow...February just flew by for me! :) I can't believe it is almost March! Here are some pics of the things that kept us crazy busy this month! I have no pics of Kyles last basketball game? What a terrible mom I am - no camera - forgot it at home? But he did great and he got the most improved player on the team. Amazing what one season can do! They are both just loving Basketball and sad that the season is over!

And the auction that I have been sanding, stripping, painting, etc. etc.....for....starts today. So as of 10:30 today - all my things will be dropped off and I will be done with this project! Whoo hooo. I have to admit that I am a bit sad? I really wish I had the time to keep on painting. It gets easier as I have learned to work with a new canvass....WOOD. Pottery is much more forgiving and so this has been a unique learning experience for me. But now that I know the ins and outs...I kind of wish I had another week. But let me promise you that my family is glad it is over! ha haha...maybe I can actually go to the grocery store...and clean the bathrooms? Nah...isn't there one more thing to paint in this house!!

Oh...and Josh has refused the highchair for the past two weeks and so I retired it to the garage. I am giving it to our baby sitter for her new little one. The table is a bit big for him, but his love of being like the other boys...far outweighs that struggle! Here are some pics!

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reillymb said...

wow great pictures. i like ben's hair long. he looks alot like brian with it like that. and he got so tall. and then the pricless picture of Will at the snack shop! i relived your pain when i saw that picture--hehe poor guy. maybe you should start out there instead of at the end of the zoo :)
your furniture is sooo cool. you are so artisy fartisy. you so need to come to my house and decorate.
hope to see all you guys soon.

shunter1019 said...

Hey girl!
Awesome pics! And thanks for the corny jungle music. I came into the office today and two people just stopped by looking around like who is playing that music :) I never come in here, so I'm sure they don't think I work anyhow!!! :) LOVE the pics of the boys- I can't believe how big they all look!!! Love the shot of Ben cheering after his ball went in. Love that kid!! NEXT WEEK- woooo hoooooo Love ya!

dandsratz said...

I LOVE the picture of Josh climbing the stairs!! And Renee--the one w/ Ben and the "mommy shot!" absolutely hilarious!!! Leave it to crazy Renee!! :) Love ya, and fabulous pictures!!

lyss23 said...

Hey killer job with painting...i might have to have you paint me some stuff! Really great job! Your boys are getting so big! I miss you all!

Erica said...

Renee, the hair on those boys!!! I love it. All the mongold boys have loads of hair :) Ben's surfer do is especially cool. And your painting was fabulous. That mermaid is soooooooo cute! You really outdid yourself and I am sure everyone was more than grateful! They should be at least. Love you girl...counting down the days now! We are Florida bound so soon!!!