Friday, February 20, 2009

He Jumped!!! He Jumped!!

Just to start, let me explain the jumping...

Any time I need to give my kids any kind of medicine, clip their fingernails, wet their hair, get out a splinter....anything that I need to do in the kitchen or bathroom that requires any detailed care....we sit on the counter to do it. And at the end, we have a game that when you are finished, you can stand up on the counter and jump to me... to get down.

Ben, Kyle and Will can't wait to jump and it kind of takes the edge of whatever we are doing that is "less than fun".

And when I say they jump....even Kyle...will fly off the counter with no fear in the world that they would not be swooped right up by the mommy! I say even Kyle because - truly - it won't be long till I can't catch him anymore and I hope like heck we don't find that out the hard way!! :) ha ha ha

Now Josh is constantly sick. Runny nose, and cough. Nothing that keeps him down, but always needs some kind of cold medicine, or his nose "sucked" out ...or that crazy hair of his completely doused with water so he does not scare the other children at the Y daycare! So we spend much time on the kitchen counter.

And ever time....I stand him up and say...Jump Joshee...... And nothing...he smiles....squats down...stands up...wants to jump - but fear takes over and he just can't let himself go. And so we do a pretend jump and he gets the same fun in the end as the other boys. I had secretly hoped that one day he would trust me enough to jump - just fly into my arms. But i also realized that his a daredevil - when he is in control. He will climb rock walls at the park, the monkey bars, etc. etc. But that is only when "he" is in control of his movement. When it comes to trusting other -maybe he would always be timid that way!

So...I am sure you know where this is going....the other night I gave him his medicine before bed...stood him up and without even thinking....that little man just flew off the counter. It caught me off guard....I swear I almost missed him. So I stood him up there again just to make sure he didn't fall forward and do it by accident. And sure enough...he lept off the counter with the biggest smile on his face that I have ever seen! He trust me. Enough to fly off the counter! Oh my...what a feeling that was for both of us! Great day in Joshee land!

And so I'll take a min to brag on Josh and the great last week that he has had! You can stop reading if you like now....story is I am just a mom...talkin' up her kid!! :)

I'll tell ya - everything about Josh has been changing in the past week. Not "who" he is...but how he acts. He gets his own toys and plays with them - he turns off the TV when we leave the house, he gets his own shoes and socks on if I just ask one time. He speaks to me when he wants something and there is not hint of frustration in his voice anymore. He knows that his words create action and his English is just flying out! He runs into the Y daycare each day and then remembers he didn't kiss me so he flys back across the room into my arms and lays a huge kiss on my lips.

He eats without even trying to throw up - he has given up all need for control in this area. He eats happily while he smiles and sings to us. When I say no, he smiles and walks away. No crying - no frustration?! Amazing.

He can truly run...and he is darn fast! His little muscles are growing and he seems to normal in the physical realm - so normal! Those people with me in China can attest to how very weak he was when I first got him. Kind of scary weak? I knew that time would change that...but scared me none the less!

His has totally out grown his 18 month clothes and needs a 2T for length and his pants always are falling off. Just like Ben and Will at his age. He is 25th percentile for height and 5th for weight! (he was not on the charts for either the day we got back from China!)

So that is that - life is truly just feeling more and more normal as the days roll on. I still have a two year old that will truly hang from the light fixtures if he is not supervised....but that is NORMAL and GOOD! I can DEAL with that - no problem!! :) update for the day! Back to normal family blogs next time and I am sorry to go on and on. I want to always remember these huge breakthroughs in our new world with Josh and so I share them with you so that I can always remember!!


shunter1019 said...

OMG! I'm so happy I could cry! I love hearing and reading these things. He is just an amazing little guy and OH SO Lucky to have such a great family. The trust thing is just so incredible. I bet that felt like such a break through to both of you. It's weird to think, that some day, probably not so far off, there will be a time when his past won't even be a fleeting thought to him. Not that I believe he consciously thinks about his past, but the way he reacts to situations shows through his hesitation in certain things, that it is a factor in how he makes decisions. It must be amazing to just watch that unfold in front of your very eyes and to know that what's making him believe/know that he can love and trust unconditionally is you guys. SO AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE! I love you! Glad he stopped the pukers before I got there-you know that vomit and I do NOT mix well :) Would have loved him anyhow!

Bill and Midge said...

What a great story! It is amazing how quickly Josh is adapting to being part of a real family. What a blessing to you both.

Heather said...

I love it! It is amazing all these little milestones. What a big one for Josh!!!

dandsratz said...

Renee!! I LOVE this story!!! Seriously my mom did the EXACT same thing growing up...we ALWAYS stood on the counter top and jumped into her! I should show you baby sis hit her tooth on my moms and it broke her tooth in half...quite terrible, but quite funny!! Oh what memories you are making with those precious little men!!! I love them all!!! Thank you for the last email...I promise I will write back soon....last week was a little whirlwind...have some catching up to do! :)

Mandi said...

Renee, You totally made me cry with this story! We feel so blessed to be able to watch all the beautiful things that are happening between y'all and your new son and to know that someday soon we will be having the same moments. You are a beautiful mother and a wonderful friend!


sara said...

I love your focus on each of the kids - I need to do this!! In the beginning of your post, you made it sound like this was your farewell post - I am glad to hear it is not!! I would miss your humor & your cute boys!