Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Josh's Surgery

We had our surgical consult yesterday for little man Josh! It was fairly painless and the doctor and people were just so nice, that we hated to leave them when it was all over. I felt very comfortable and so did Josh. He let this nice man poke and prod and he just remained still and didn't even look scared. Seemed to both of us that he has been here before.

I would guess that orphans like doctors pretty well. Especially the ones that were never in any kind of foster care. The nurses and doctors pay attention to only them and even though it may hurt a bit...it is still individual attention and for that...they are willing to accept a little "bad" in the mix. It was sad, but also nice to see that Josh was not terrified about needing this kind of care.

Josh will have one large surgery. It will contain the building of a urethra - he has none at all right now. It will contain moving the testicles to the right place. He will also have some cosmetic procedures done - two to be exact - to get everything looking as normal as possible after the reconstruction is complete. A 5 hour surgery at least, yet out patient! Amazing.

He will have a catheter and drainage tube for at least 10 days after and require much care in order to alleviate any blockages, breaks in the new tube and/or infections. Won't be easy, but it won't be impossible either!

The down side is that we can't know that this procedure will work. The normal urethra is surrounded by a muscle that keeps it tight, prevent leakage, and breaks or bulges. Josh will never have this muscle. So we may be in for future surgeries to correct this kind of thing.

The good news is that his reproductive system seems to work just fine and so the penis should work for all purposes in time!

He is a severe case and the most severe that this doc will have operated on. I am scared by this a bit, but also felt a huge amount of comfort in this doctors words. He is confident in his ability, but really needed me to know that because of the severity, this is not fool proof. We may be back and we may be back more than once.

The one thing that we both agreed on - whole heartedly - is that it must be done. He needs this surgery for many reasons and the sooner the better. We have not schedule the exact date yet, and are hoping that we can do it right after spring break this year - just after Easter. So that we can still visit family and have a normal vacation to DuBois for our holiday! I will know that for sure by the end of the week.

The urgency is there, but it is not dire. His flow of urine is fine and it is not backing up anywhere in the body. So while the Younger the better - a month or so is not going to make a difference. WE want it done before Daddy leaves in June, but not before Easter - I do hope that works out! I'll keep you posted!

I am a normal nervous about this procedure, but very excited by the doctors prognosis! We'll fix you Josh! You may not understand the why of it all when we are in the heat of the moment...but in the end...it is our vow to you - to give you the best life EVER and this surgery is just one small part of that promise!


Bill and Midge said...

Please let me know when his surgery is scheduled. I will be praying that everything will work out better than you can even imagine. Doctors are limited by their human ability, but God loves Joshua even more than we can imagine and I believe He has great things planned for this little guy! Michelle goes tomorrow to Walter Reed, so we should know much more about her condition tomorrow as well. We'll keep you posted. I agree with what you said Renee - while it's a little scary and I'm sure won't be fun, it's also exciting to think we can have a part in helping these kids become whole in every way possible! Hugs to you all!

shunter1019 said...

Hey girl!
I know we talked about this today but just wanted to post so someday Josh would know everyone was reading and caring about him even if they don't live next door. I'm not sure he'll be happy you posted anything about his "pee pee" but nonetheless, we want him to always know how much we love him too :) We love you little man! Can't wait to see you in just a few short weeks! Hugs to all the boys from Aunt Shelli and fam....

Ellen said...

Thanks for the update Renee! Josh looks great and you all will get through this just fine. We think of you often!

Ansleykg said...

Praying for you all Renee! I hope that Josh has a speedy and uneventful recovery. All our love to all of you.

Erica said...

You know that little man and all his entourage are in my prayers. We love you Josh! We are so excited to see you soon. Know that we are lifting you up every day!

Heather said...

I am glad to hear that doctor's appointments are going smoothly. I know they are so hard for our little Lillian. She screams and screams! I will keep up with the surgery date so I can send prayers up for adorable Josh!

sara said...

I am thrilled to hear about Josh's reproductive parts!! Isn't that silly? I have thought about him so much since we returned from China & I kept praying that Josh would be able to have kids some day. If he is anything like his mama, he will want a bunch!

It is a very serious surgery and it sounds like the doctors know what they are doing! Midge is right, GOd KNOWS Josh & holds him in the palm of HIS hand and HE will guide the surgeons with knowledge & wisdom through the surgery! YOU are helping to pave the road for kids to come!! God Bless You!!

Please keep us posted on when little mans' surgery will be; we'd like to be covering him and your family & the medical team in prayer that day!!

P.S. You knew that my little guy, Carter, was born with hypospadeus as well and when he had his surgery (at 6 months old & got chicken pox the next day!) he, too, had a catheter and it fell out the day AFTER surgery. I was freaked out, but it ended up A-ok!! Phew!