Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Crazy Steelers Family

The Carr Brothers in a bar in Pittsburgh watching the Steelers win the super bowl. I am certain I can say this in all of their was better than the best Christmas for all of them! Mike...we need you in this photo to make it complete! Go Steelers!!

Mom drove to Pittsburgh and watched the game with the boys!

Alyssa and Dorian routed the steelers on - in gear - from New Mexico!
I of course- dressed up too - but no pictures to prove it! Let's just say that Gold is not my color!! But I wore the big gold T-shirt proudly!!


reillymb said...

woohoo steelers! i bet your brothers were a hoot at the bar and your poor mom sitting there so proper while those wild carr boys carried on-- hehe. gotta love your family.


shunter1019 said...

OMG I can't believe Mom went to Pittsburgh- what in the world did she do= just watch them all get trashed?!?! Did she stay up late with them too? GO SHARON!!! I bet they had a blast!!

sara said...

I'll admit that we were not rooting for the Steelers. Sorry :=) I love an underdog - plus Kurt Warner is from IOWA, like us :=)