Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines day fun and some other random stuff!

Not much new going on here - very busy with some volunteer work and sports and parties etc. But nothing out of the box - just normal life! Feels good to say that!! :) Here are so shots of the last week! Pics are just not that great - but they retrace our steps...and so that will have to do! Made me realize I need some good professional shots of the boys soon!!!

This is Josh at Will's Valentines Day party! It was his third party of the day and he was still eating candy and cupcakes like he has never eaten in his life!!

Will and his best buddy Jo Jo. The teacher handed out her valentine to the kids. It was a big red bucket with a lid. She said "ok let's pass out the valentines we brought for each other and don't open this bucket till you get home today!" .....yeah....was she kidding? Will is more type A than anyone i know. He could not function without knowing what was in that bucket. So from that point on...he just sad there staring at the lid...wondering what was in it....hoping it was all the things he loved......and I am not sure he even noticed the other 15 valentines that came his way!!

This is Ben's party. Miss Heather (a friend of mine) watched the NON 1st graders on one side of the room while I helped with the kids on the other side of the room having the party! They all had a super time! Ben's teacher had valentines for all the siblings too and she even had extra art projects for them to do! She is truly a super lady and teacher!

Josh had a cupcake at Ben's party. The entire class watched Josh eat it and the kids laughed so hard! Be was so proud of his brothers funny mess!! He even helped me clean up the Josh man when he was finished!

Ben and his best buddy - Mrs. Jones! He truly loves her and she loves him! What a pair! We will miss her next year!

This is Josh in Kyle's classroom - at Kyles valentines day party - the first party of the day and the first cupcake of the day!
Josh loves Kyle and Kyle loves Josh....he let Josh pull up a chair and eat lunch with him!

Last Friday we made a fire in the pit out back. Josh had obviously seen fire before because he ran over to it and rubbed his hands together - as if to keep them warm. And then pulled up his shirt to warm his belly! So funny the things we do now know about him!! :)

Watching Daddy make the fire was hours of fun (oh...I mean didn't take hours to get a fire going....hmmm...or did it?!?!)

Josh squirted my Bath and body works bath gel in the tub when I was not looking. When I turned around...there were bubbles up to his eyeballs. He had such fun! Will even got naked and joined in...but he is taller...and parts were I won't post those pics!!

If anyone sits on the "kiddie" couch...Josh sits beside them. It used to make everyone so mad...but at this is EVERY time. I think the other boys are just used to it. If you sit on the sun sit with Josh....and it has not stopped them from sitting on the couch! Looks good for family bonding huh?!?! :)


lyss23 said...

great pics!!! Everyone is getting so big!!! :) Great fire pit too...where did you get it, i'm very interested! If you make a fire here it could burn the whole state down, so you need a pit! lol

Dianne said...

Wonderful pictures! It's so good to see everyone - and having so much fun! Love to all!

Erica said...

So how many times can I say I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS??? Well, it is true, so add one more time to the list! I love that Kyle loves his littlest brother so much. That makes my heart warm :) Bradley is picking out Josh's birthday gift today...should be interesting to say the least. Pokemon has invaded our house!!!! Are your guys into that yet? I, of course, would not buy that for Josh, but seriously Sneezle and Pikachu and Scary Cat (that is not his name, but Benjamin has named one of the characters that) are in full swing here. Love you and love the pictures!

sara said...

Wonderful pictures!! Isn't it fun to learn new things about your sweet little one?? I love watching them unfold more every day. Are you ready to go back yet?? Girl this time? ANOTHER boy?? hee hee!!!!

Ellen said...

I'm laughing at Sara's comment ... So glad to be able to keep up with you guys via the blog. Take care!

shunter1019 said...

Hey girl!
Only TWO weeks, I can't believe it. Of course, Shane is thrilled to be celebrating his bday with Josh-they should have a blast. Man, 6 boys, that is a party with just our kids! :) I love the pics. Everytime I see them, I am most surprised by Will. He is just getting SO big, and so "unbaby" like!!! Can't wait to squeeze them all and you guys too of course! It seems like Josh likes to get those in my suitcase and not get smooshed!???!?! Love, Me