Friday, February 27, 2009

Who are my kids.....

I plan to print my blog one day very soon. This blog will be the last page of my segment. I want to remeber these things about each kid, so I have blogged it to keep it in print forever. I hope to look back at it in 10 years and laugh about what has changed and what has stayed the same!!
Ben: Ben is smart, sensitive, loud when he is in his comfort zone and silent when he is not. Ben sees black and white, no grey. Ben follows all the rules. Ben wants everything he sees and is always on the hunt for the next new thing. When Ben makes a friend, they are a friend forever....he will remember them till he is 75 - even if he only knows them for a short while.

He cares what his hair looks like and thinks stuffed animals are cute! He is scared to try anything new, but if pushed....he will actually become one of the best in his group at the activity or sport. It takes Ben 45 min to warm up to anything new....and that happens usually about 10 minutes before it is time to leave!

Ben needs sleep more than my other kids. Ben needs food more than the other kids. Ben is affected by the weather. Ben is better at the computer than I am and would be on the web all day if I would let him.

Ben never forgets anything. He is the worst sick person on the planet - thank goodness is does not get sick very often. Ben loves to be a big boy...He is my helper, my confidant....and most days I can't imagine how I would make it without him!

Ben's favorite toy has been webkinz for over a year now. Ben is a collector of things. He loves the hunt for the next item in his collection. Ben has a very hard time making decisions. But when he does decide something is good - it is GREAT. Ben has an unusual amount of determination for his age.

Ben loves his mommy more than all the webkinz in the world (his words). He truly can look at me and say I love you with so much heart that it brings tears to my eyes.

Kyle: Kyle is silly most all the time. Kyle is secretly smart, but don't tell him I told you or he will do something "stupid" just to prove me wrong. Kyle is also sensitive. He cries when people are mean to him, but a double ear infection won't phase him. Kyle is friends with anyone, but 10 min after we leave them...he will have trouble remembering their name! Kyles attention to detail when he is doing something he likes - is amazing!

Kyle would honestly lose his head if it were not attached. I mean...really lose it. He can never find anything and can't EVER remember where he put something. But at the same time - KYle is a thinker. He always sees both sides of a situation and he takes in EVERYTHING he sees and hears. He can recall situations very easily - just can't find his blanket - EVER!

Kyle is the video game master. He can beat 12 year olds. Kyle is Josh's best friend. He loves being sweet to smaller children and loves playing with any age kid. Anyone is a potential friend for Kyle and he loves anyone that will play with him. Kyle will play what anyone else wants without question. He is extremely adaptable in any situation. Kyles best friends, however, will be his best friends for life. He will talk about them every day!

Kyle is happy with anything. A new stick or a rock are just as exciting as a new toy. And a thing of bubbles is just as monumental as a hundred dollar star wars leggo set. If he is allowed to pic out any toy he wants...and there is nothing he loves - he will go home with nothing and wait till the next time.

Kyle is not the first to try anything - but once he has studied it...and he finally is comfortable with his knowledge of the situation - he amazes us when he does not even need practice to to do it. From walking to riding a bike and scooter, to has all been like this. Refusal to do it...then "do" falling, drowning, or faltering! Makes us laugh!

Kyle is rough, and often goes to far with his crazy kyle routine. But when he is calm and he hugs you - it is the best hug ever. Kyle loves his brothers - all the time. His feelings get so hurt when they are mean to him. And he is there to help them whenever they need it!

Will is unfiltered. He says whatever is on his mind. Some days that is great and some days I want to crawl under a rock and die when he uses his mouth too freely in public.

Will is an individual - he does not care what anyone else thinks or does - he does what he likes.

Wills attention span can be very long when it comes to art and music - but for anything else - he has no attention AT ALL. Will needs a nap every day or the angry beast comes to stay all afternoon! He needs, and has ALWAYS needed - his beauty rest!

Will loves his brothers so much and he loves when they pay him attention. He is a good little brother. It is only recently that he has learned to play with someone smaller than him and I see such growth in this area. He is really falling well into his big brother roll.

He tells long stories all the time and they most often don't make a whole lot of sense. Will draws all the time. With anything that he can find that writes.

Will only knows his colors in Spanish and he is always dirty!

He is a schmoozer - he if has done wrong and in fear of getting in trouble he will hold my face and kiss me and say " are so beautiful"! And he truly hopes that his fake kindness will set him free!

Will is sensitive about food and clothes just like Ben. Will has a hard time making up his mind - just like Ben. When I ask Will a question, I wait till he has given me three answers before I take it as the real answer. Will loves his Bah and he loves to take pictures of anything - especially BAH!

Will loves puzzles and anything you can sit and play with and create. He is a wiz and can excel in this area far beyond his peers. But if you ask him "Will ...what is this number?" may get "x" or "b" for an answer?! ha ha ha

when will is good...he is VERY good and when he is bad - LOOK OUT!

Josh is sensitive. He scares easily. If he falls off the couch, he will cry with heart beating so fast - not because he is hurt, but because he is scared to death. But he truly desires to be brave. And if he can be brave - without falling - he is in 7th heaven!

Josh is obedient. He is a good listener and wants to please. but often, if he does not like no for an answer - he will wait till you leave the room and do it again?! And when we catch him...he will burst into tears as if his last days are upon him! Josh loves to smile, laugh and be silly. He love being happy! I mean...we all do, but that little man has a tremendous zest for life and for fun!

Josh is loving. He will hug and kiss all of us randomly with a huge smile! He is a follower. He will even watch Will eat a banana and try to take bites the same way Will does. He is always looking at his brothers and studying them. He truly wants to be like each one of them - all the time!

Josh loves music. If he is in a funk and you put on a song...any song...he will come right out of his shell and start dancing! He tries to sing all the words to any song. And instruments are his favorite toys! Josh is smart. He can do things that not many us two year olds can do. It amazes us every day.

JOsh knows his name, but if I call him song song...his Chinese name...he gets a huge kick out of it and will laugh so hard. His laugh is contagious. His eyes disappear when he is really laughing! He goes like the energizer bunny! Full steam ahead and never seems to tire. He can do tennis, the park, baseball and family pizza night....all without a stroller or a nap!

Josh's favorite place to be is outside and I think he was even that way in the SWI in China. We have so much to learn about josh, but we know so much in such a short time. And that tells me that Josh is an adaptable person. That will serve him well in life!


Erica said...

I think this is my favorite blog of yours ever! It was fun to read what I know so well of your boys, and of your newest addition, too. I cannot wait to say "ahh yes that is true" when I hug that little Josh so very soon! So funny how similar our Benjamin's are. I could have subsituted my own for yours in almost every description. And, Bradley is such a mix of Kyle and tough and brave, but still so sensitive. I truly cannot WAIT to see all of them in action together again. It has been way too long!

Sean said...

those are beautiful tributes to your children! thank you for allowing me to glimpse their personalities!

shunter1019 said...

I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Of course, now my eye that's "burned"(our secret of how) is extra blurry...thanks for that:)
See you all in 4 days and counting.......Love you all! What an awesome blog......