Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where do babies come from?

Well....two blog in one day? What up with that? But they are ones for my memory books and most of all....they are SHORT!!! ha ha ha

So Ben was sitting on the couch yesterday and he asked me - in a very serious tone of voice, "Mom...can you help having babies in your tummy - or does it just happen to you?"

I went on to explain that every child is chosen by the mommy and by God....and that having babies is a gift that mommies and daddies are given. Of course I get the "other" side to this argument....but at 7 - I think this is the only take that Ben needs to have. And truth be most cases...especially in "our" facts are true!

Chosen....that is what children are - babies are - pregnancies are....Chosen. They do not....Just happen!

I could tell that my words made Ben very happy - just the thought that he and his brothers were not random...and that they were chosen seemed to drop his shoulders and relax his face. Not sure why this question came about? He never did tell me.... I assume that he realizes that Josh was chosen and just wondered about the other people in the world - the non-adopted kind!! ha ha ha But just the is where the conversation went from there.....

Ben: "But not all of your kids came from your tummy right?"

Mom: "That's true."

Ben: "It's kind of cool mom that two of your kids came out of your tummy and two didn't!?"

Mom: "Hmmmm.....what two kids came out of mommy's tummy?"

Ben: "Me and Kyle...and then you went to that Hospital in Virgina where they keep the babies and picked out Will and then you went to China, where they keep babies there...and picked out Josh." (no question in his voice at all.....he was TELLING me the way it was...question and answer time was over!)

Mom: "Honey...Will came out of mommy's tummy too?."

Ben: "NO...I remember coming in the car with Daddy to pick up Will and there were lots of babies there that you got to choose from."

Mom: (So i tried to explain the "nursery" in the hospital and how all of those babies came out of their mom's tummy etc. etc......And Ben listened very carefully and attentively through my whole dissertation)

Ben: " you just must not have the best memory....we'll ask Dad when he gets home...he'll tell you that we got Will at the baby hospital."

And with that...he walked away with confidence in his eyes and satisfaction in his stride! Yep...I am wrong...... ha ha ha

Don't you wonder how long he will believe that?! ha ha ha

One Rendition

Will's version of "row row row your boat."

Row Row Row your boat

Gently down the stream....

Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily....

life goes down the drain!

Hmmmmm.......does he need therapy? Is he unhappy? Life goes down the sounds a bit disturbed!!! But he looks happy when he sings it!!! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The last few weeks have been crazy!!!!

The last few weeks have been crazy! I have so many great photos, but because I have been so behind at updating this blog....a recap will have to do for now!!! :) Let's start with April 15th.

This is already a cool day because it is Uncle Brian's birthday! And soon after we called to wish our favorite guy at happy 29th birthday (again)..... we headed to the Nassau County Court House to officially adopt Mr. Joshua Song Mongold!! Because STeve was not with me in China, our adoption was not final. We can now apply for a birth certificate and all the other things that go with a citizen of the US!

The judge said to us....."now you realize that once you swear in front of the courts, this is final and this little boy is yours forever?" ....and he didn't even smile when he asked it? Very serious dude!!! ha ha ha.....and we said yes...and of course we are thinking...yeah....and if it is can find us in Mexico with our family.....hiding out from anyone that would want to take our baby!!!!! :)

Later that day...Nana and Grandpa came to visit.

Then just one day later - Uncle John, Aunt Sylvia, Amelia and Quinn came to visit!
The guy golfed as the ladies played in the sun with the kiddos!! What a fun week and weekend we had!

Mexican food in the down town court yards!!!

The kids even enjoyed our night out!!! :)

We had ice-creme in historic Fernandina Beach! Yum!

On Sunday - before Aunt Sylvia had to leave us...we solicited her help for our Earth day project. "Make anything you want out of recyclable material"...that was our task! We were very happy with the Rhino!!

We had one day to get our selves mentally ready...and then on Tuesday morning - bright and early - Mommy and Josh headed to Nemours Children's Hospital in Norfolk, VA. Surgery went pretty well. Josh felt like crap when he first woke up from Anesthesia. He looked so sad and pathetic!! Broke my heart.

I had to hold him up because he could not feel his body from the waist down! He was like a little puppet.

In typical Josh style...the "down" did not last long! Within 30 min...he was already smiling and being silly!

He even got himself on all fours! He also fell over and conked his head on this metal crib...but of course there are no photos of that...I was rushing to help him and feeling like quite the terrible mother! ha ha ha

The day after Surgery was mommy's birthday! We had a yummy ice creme cake and went to pick up nurse grandma at the airport!!

Since Josh was not allowed at the park, beach, pool etc. etc.... we spent our afternoon hanging by the pond, catching fish and feeding the ducks!

Because nurse Grandma was here...I was able to go to the ball Military Ball with Steve! Mommy and daddy ran in to get ready for the ball about 30 min before we had to leave? yeah...wish I had thought ahead a bit...but we cleaned up well and had an pretty good time.

After the ball was over - there was nothing else on our plate, so we could kind of just relax and have some fun! Josh was feeling pretty good and so we ate out at the surf and went to the beach for the afternoon. (I promise...I put PJ bottoms on josh and three diapers - to keep the sand out of "there"!!!)

Most of the time Josh is in good spirits..but after a diaper change or a catheter flush...he can get kind of sad...and that is where the boys come in! They sit with him, make him laugh, hold his hand...and all in all - just feel so sad for their little brother! They have been a huge help and because of them...and all the rest of our friends and family...Josh is one step closer to a normal happy life! Tubes come out on Friday! Thanks Mom...for a week well spent! We miss you!

And for now....THAT's ALL FOLK!!! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are home!!!

We are home from surgery!! Whoo hoooo……. Josh came out of surgery with only one big “vomit” (eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww….and I was not holding him…poor nurse!!!)

He is still numb from the waist down and can feel no pain! That will be nice for the next few hours. And poor guy…does not realize he can’t walk…he has fallen about a million times!!

Doc is not all that optimistic that this is the final surgery! But hey…if it is simply one step closer to fixed....then I am happy with this day!!

Can’t really tell what is going on down there with all the tubes and swelling…I’ll keep everyone posted! For now…all is well and we are very relieved that he is smiling and hanging with us!! Good day!!

Thank you for all your love and prayers!! .…you have no idea how much it means!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another big step in our journey...

I'll post photos of our visit with Nana, Grandpa, Uncle John, Aunt Sylvia, Amelia and Quinn very soon. We had a wonderful visit! But for now...we need to prepare for another event in our world!

From paperwork, to homestudys, to china trips and adjusment phases....and now the next step in our journey is about to begin! Our path to making Josh's body as perfect as his heart and mind!!!

Tomorrow is Josh's surgery day! I am full of fear, excitement, hesitation, anxiety, and we wait another 24 hours for the Doctors to have their time with little Josh. I hope for great things, I know the percentages, yet I have a gut feelings that we are going to be able to fix our little guy.

Please give Josh and his doctors your prayers and positive thoughts tomorrow as we take this next step in our journey.

I can't wait to write again and send you all the results of our time in Jacksonville!!!

We are so happy that with all the colds and crud's that Josh seems to catch...he is now well and snot free!! He is happy and healthy and learning more and more each day. It is a good time for this surgery. Mom will be here to help me out this week and Daddy has a couple of days off work. All in all, we are as ready as we can be!

Love to all of you and thank you for loving this crazy Mongold family! More soon!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big Fat Fun in the Wintery Mix

What a wonderful spring break we had! It was not warm, it was not balmy, we did not surf, see Mickey Mouse, or visit one of the 7 wonders of the world! The Mongolds went to DuBois, PA!

Yep...highest point east of the Mississippi - in the clouds really! The weather went from Crap, to slightly better than crap and then back to crap!! ha ha ha ha....but who cared! We had a ball.

All of my siblings, my mother, my brother in law, niece, and grandparents - all under one roof. And to top it all off.....Aunt Shelli, Shane and Ryan came for the fun and stayed with their Grandma...just down the street! We were visited by life long friends and super sweet girlfriends.

The rain did not keep us inside - we had Easter egg huts, bonfires and hikes in the woods. The snow did not keep us from climbing trees and taking walks to the park! We had a ton of food and a million laughs! The week flew by and I am already looking forward to the next time

Sorry that there are so many photos in this show...but I just could not seem to whittle it down!! Thanks for a super week everyone! The boys and I are already home sick!

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Anyone else think this is funny!?!?!?!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Josh we know and love......

Each day I talk to people who ask is Josh?, How is he adjusting? What is he doing new?.... And along those same lines.....So many of my adoption friends have posted wonderful windows of who their beautiful children are becoming! Glimpses of what they are doing each day....what they are learning each month....and how they are seeing the world... I have really enjoyed reading them and I find myself reading them again just to make sure I have not missed a thing!!! So in the words of Midge...."Sara...hope you don't mind if I steal your idea too!!" ha ha ha......

Hey...copying is the highest form or flattery right?!?!

When you turn the TV on....if the show is NOT little Einsteins....Josh will get the clicker....hand it to you and say "Change". And his second favorite Show is Ni-Hao Kilan!

And along those same lines, he has seen each little Einsteins episode so many times that he will say what they characters say - one or two words - before they say it. And they die laughing because he is so proud of himself.

Josh wakes up every morning and plays in his crib - he finally knows that each day will be a good one and each day he will have this same family to love him. I can see it in the way he walks around the house and in the confidence he is showing more and more of each passing moment.

Josh point to everything that we pass each day - counter, bird, tree, car, chair, carpet etc. etc. etc. And when I don't tell him what it is...he says - Mommy....look!

When i say a Mandarin word to josh he shakes his head no a starts pointing to his body parts so that I will tell him what they are in English.

He can walk farther than any of his brother without fussing. And it takes him at least twice as many steps to get to the same place!

Josh thinks the word MUM means look. So when he sees something he wants me to look at he says "mommy....MUM!"

Josh will not go to bed without hugging, kissing and saying night night to every member of the family. We have had to retrieve kids from the woods in order to fill the bill so that Josh can go to sleep without crying. Once this ritual is over...he walks to his crib to be put in!

Josh screams "DADDY" every time Steve walks in the door and runs to him!

If josh does something that he knows is wrong and I say "josh...did you (throw)" or whatever the crime...he will shake his head yes and run to his time out chair on his own.

He copies EVERYTHING Will does. He wants to BE Will. But he sees Kyle and Ben as more like "other" parents. He treats them more like he does me. Hugs and kisses and such. And he does not really fight with them - only with Will. But in the end...Will is his life partner - he LOVES LOVES Will.

Josh brings me a diaper when he needs one and if he is naked...he will always ask to use the potty.

Bath time is our favorite time of the day - we sometimes do it twice. If you don't bath him upon request...he will follow you around the house....saying "Bath" over and over and the same voice, without changing it up a bit.....over and over and over....It is truly - after 20 min of this...a small version of Chinese torture!!

As soon as we get to the park Josh will say "swing" as loud as he can...over and over and over...until we push him. he will NOT quit till he gets what he wants.

Josh still loves his bottle, he can say it clearly and if we don't get it for him...he grabs a kitchen chair...pulls it to the counter....finds a bottle and brings it to if to say "You must have not understood me....THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!" He may truly be 7 and still using a bottle!! I don't have the heart to cut it off!!

Josh has a bear that he calls Bah (just like Will) and he has it with him all the time.

As long as he is fed and has had a nap...the whining is really getting so much better. I think he is replacing whines with words. Very fun for ALL of us - especially me!! :)

Josh's favorite thing to do is dance, listen to music, make music and then dance again! I think he may be the only Mongold boy with rhythm!

He runs into the Y daycare now and says - bye bye mommy!! Back soon!.......He truly knows that i will be back and that he gets to have fun in the mean time. How liberating that must feel for him!

Josh says "lush you" each night to me before bed. And he whispers it in my ear like a secret. It makes me weak and almost cry every night!

He is still very sensitive. If anyone pushes him over...on purpose or by accident...even if he is not hurt...he will cry buckets until the pusher has picked him up and said "I'm sorry". No one else, but the wrong doer, can stop the tears. He needs rectification for his trauma! The boys....pick him up and hug him without even thinking about it is now...just "what you do" when you knock over josh! And at 25 happens A LOT!!

I have always felt that Josh was a part of this family - even before we brought him home...but now...he feels this way too and it has brought a bit of harmony to our crazy circus!

I compared photos the other night of Josh the day we came home and of him just a few days ago...and the biggest difference is in his hair. It is shiny and the sun glistens off of it. You can no longer see his scalp when the wind blows....and it is actually shorter now than when we got him. It helps me to know that the good food and vitamins are truly making him healthy!

His favorite two foods are "golgish" and "etzels". So that tells me he is a very normal two year old!

Shoes are still a weird place for Josh...some days we want them on all the time...some days we cry to get them on....still can't have them on while the car is moving? Will the shoe weirdness ever end!?! Soooooo wish I understood it all?!?!

We look forward to continued success with our little guy! Each day I am thankful that he came to us. Each day I see more and more that Josh is supposed to be with us! Each week that passes I find a bit of myself coming back into play - as "I" adjust to life with 4 kids - and as I get to know just "who" our little Josh is inside! You have changed me little man. I now believe things that I had a hard time wrapping my head around just a half a year ago! I look forward to an update a few months from I can look back and see just how much we have all grown....together!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dressing up Josh and a special weekend with friends.

Not sure why, but Josh is fun for me to dress up?! He has four pair of shoes and counting and these linen man Capri's make me smile!! :) Thank you Erica for donating them to my doll collection!! :) Something about that tiny little body and that sweet face in cute little clothes that makes me smile and want to keep the camera by my side every second!!! :) Josh's first new word after he came to me was "Cheese"! Now when he says cheese, he gets a look on his face like he needs to poop? Not a picture pretty face! So I have to let him say cheese...and then wait for him to smile at me because he thinks he is being cute by saying cheese!! Then I snap!!

We had a wonderful weekend with our special friends and Chesapeake Neighbors - Erica, Benjamin and Bradley! The kids played till they dropped each day and we were so sad to see them go. We can't wait till summer when we can all be together again! Here are some photos from our visit!! :) Thank you for loving us Zayac's and for making this long trip to see us. We love you back!