Monday, April 20, 2009

Another big step in our journey...

I'll post photos of our visit with Nana, Grandpa, Uncle John, Aunt Sylvia, Amelia and Quinn very soon. We had a wonderful visit! But for now...we need to prepare for another event in our world!

From paperwork, to homestudys, to china trips and adjusment phases....and now the next step in our journey is about to begin! Our path to making Josh's body as perfect as his heart and mind!!!

Tomorrow is Josh's surgery day! I am full of fear, excitement, hesitation, anxiety, and we wait another 24 hours for the Doctors to have their time with little Josh. I hope for great things, I know the percentages, yet I have a gut feelings that we are going to be able to fix our little guy.

Please give Josh and his doctors your prayers and positive thoughts tomorrow as we take this next step in our journey.

I can't wait to write again and send you all the results of our time in Jacksonville!!!

We are so happy that with all the colds and crud's that Josh seems to catch...he is now well and snot free!! He is happy and healthy and learning more and more each day. It is a good time for this surgery. Mom will be here to help me out this week and Daddy has a couple of days off work. All in all, we are as ready as we can be!

Love to all of you and thank you for loving this crazy Mongold family! More soon!!


Bill and Midge said...

I'm so glad you reminded us about this - I knew it was late April, but didn't remember the exact date. Of course I will pray for Joshua, and his mom and dad too! I know this is a stressful time, but you will be so glad to have this step behind you.

I think I saw on FB that you have a birthday Wednesday, so an early Happy Birthday to you! My wish for you is a healthy, whole little guy! Hugs to you all!

shunter1019 said...

We are praying and sending our positive energy your way. I just know that Josh will come through this all just perfect. I am so HAPPY that Mom is there to help....a nurse and grandma all wrapped up in one...who could ask for a better visitor during this time. Love to you, and everyone...I will call you in a bit. Love you!!!

Ellen said...

Best wishes tomorrow and as Josh recovers from surgery. We'll be thinking of you!!

lyss23 said...

The Putnam's are praying for you and thinking about you all! We love you and know that everything is going to turn out great! Give me a call this week and let me know how you all are doing! Muah!

Erica said...

Simply pouring out our prayers for Josh tomorrow! You will be on our hearts and minds all day! We know the percentages, but we also know Josh has already beat the odds! Miracles will happen AGAIN for him!