Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dressing up Josh and a special weekend with friends.

Not sure why, but Josh is fun for me to dress up?! He has four pair of shoes and counting and these linen man Capri's make me smile!! :) Thank you Erica for donating them to my doll collection!! :) Something about that tiny little body and that sweet face in cute little clothes that makes me smile and want to keep the camera by my side every second!!! :) Josh's first new word after he came to me was "Cheese"! Now when he says cheese, he gets a look on his face like he needs to poop? Not a picture pretty face! So I have to let him say cheese...and then wait for him to smile at me because he thinks he is being cute by saying cheese!! Then I snap!!

We had a wonderful weekend with our special friends and Chesapeake Neighbors - Erica, Benjamin and Bradley! The kids played till they dropped each day and we were so sad to see them go. We can't wait till summer when we can all be together again! Here are some photos from our visit!! :) Thank you for loving us Zayac's and for making this long trip to see us. We love you back!


Bill and Midge said...

Josh looks so cute. Little boys can be a lot of fun to dress up! He looks so big in these pictures. It's hard to believe how fast they are all growing. Have a great trip next week.

reillymb said...

renee i love the boys haircuts. i almost didn't even recognize your ben. and will and josh's bowle cuts! love them :) they are getting so big.

i have to say the best picture of all is the one of the fire pit- boys going wild, erica trying to round them up and then there's steve kicked back in the lounge chair chugging a beer! new coping mechanism?? priceless !!!!!!!

Erica said...

There are no words....we had the best time ever. We miss you guys like crazy and I would drive it again tomorrow if I was sure I wouldnt leave behind the nasty puking bug. I am SOOOOO SORRY! I am telling you seeing all the boys together, so happy just to be together not caring if we ever left the that was the best! I love you, Renee. You bring out the best in me for sure. You remind me of the important things and allow me to be me! MaryBeth, you made me smile. I have to say I didnt round up enough, as Benjamin fell in the pond, as did Ben. Haha Anyway, Steve certainly pulled his share of kid watching. I have to give him credit, as it is my child's fault, he was sick! As for the Mongold boys, I SIMPLY cannot wait for summer. You are the best. We are sooooo blessed to have you in our lives.See you very soon!!! Hopefully, Steve will forgive us by then. YUCK!

Erica said...


sara said...

I didn't know they HAD man capris?? JOsh can pull it off! You should get some for Steve, you know, just so they can match!!!!!