Monday, April 27, 2009

The last few weeks have been crazy!!!!

The last few weeks have been crazy! I have so many great photos, but because I have been so behind at updating this blog....a recap will have to do for now!!! :) Let's start with April 15th.

This is already a cool day because it is Uncle Brian's birthday! And soon after we called to wish our favorite guy at happy 29th birthday (again)..... we headed to the Nassau County Court House to officially adopt Mr. Joshua Song Mongold!! Because STeve was not with me in China, our adoption was not final. We can now apply for a birth certificate and all the other things that go with a citizen of the US!

The judge said to us....."now you realize that once you swear in front of the courts, this is final and this little boy is yours forever?" ....and he didn't even smile when he asked it? Very serious dude!!! ha ha ha.....and we said yes...and of course we are thinking...yeah....and if it is can find us in Mexico with our family.....hiding out from anyone that would want to take our baby!!!!! :)

Later that day...Nana and Grandpa came to visit.

Then just one day later - Uncle John, Aunt Sylvia, Amelia and Quinn came to visit!
The guy golfed as the ladies played in the sun with the kiddos!! What a fun week and weekend we had!

Mexican food in the down town court yards!!!

The kids even enjoyed our night out!!! :)

We had ice-creme in historic Fernandina Beach! Yum!

On Sunday - before Aunt Sylvia had to leave us...we solicited her help for our Earth day project. "Make anything you want out of recyclable material"...that was our task! We were very happy with the Rhino!!

We had one day to get our selves mentally ready...and then on Tuesday morning - bright and early - Mommy and Josh headed to Nemours Children's Hospital in Norfolk, VA. Surgery went pretty well. Josh felt like crap when he first woke up from Anesthesia. He looked so sad and pathetic!! Broke my heart.

I had to hold him up because he could not feel his body from the waist down! He was like a little puppet.

In typical Josh style...the "down" did not last long! Within 30 min...he was already smiling and being silly!

He even got himself on all fours! He also fell over and conked his head on this metal crib...but of course there are no photos of that...I was rushing to help him and feeling like quite the terrible mother! ha ha ha

The day after Surgery was mommy's birthday! We had a yummy ice creme cake and went to pick up nurse grandma at the airport!!

Since Josh was not allowed at the park, beach, pool etc. etc.... we spent our afternoon hanging by the pond, catching fish and feeding the ducks!

Because nurse Grandma was here...I was able to go to the ball Military Ball with Steve! Mommy and daddy ran in to get ready for the ball about 30 min before we had to leave? yeah...wish I had thought ahead a bit...but we cleaned up well and had an pretty good time.

After the ball was over - there was nothing else on our plate, so we could kind of just relax and have some fun! Josh was feeling pretty good and so we ate out at the surf and went to the beach for the afternoon. (I promise...I put PJ bottoms on josh and three diapers - to keep the sand out of "there"!!!)

Most of the time Josh is in good spirits..but after a diaper change or a catheter flush...he can get kind of sad...and that is where the boys come in! They sit with him, make him laugh, hold his hand...and all in all - just feel so sad for their little brother! They have been a huge help and because of them...and all the rest of our friends and family...Josh is one step closer to a normal happy life! Tubes come out on Friday! Thanks Mom...for a week well spent! We miss you!

And for now....THAT's ALL FOLK!!! :)


dandsratz said... much to comment on!!! You have been SUPER busy!! :) First, little Josh...we have been praying SO hard for you!! Thank you for your email Renee giving me the update!!! :) Secondly, the picture w/ you & Steve, GORGEOUS!!! Ya'll more than just 'cleaned up!" You are one HOT MAMA!!!! All the family, the grand times....perfect-through & through! :) Write again soon! :) Love you!

Heather said...

Glad surgery went smoothly. I am thankful he had such a good response to the experience. We don't even consider cameras at the hospital or dr. office with Lily. We are too busy soothing her sobs! She is terrified of the place. Josh even had the sweetest smile while in the hospital bed. Happy birthday to you!

shunter1019 said...

Love the pics!!! You guys looked awesome for the ball! FUN! I want to go to a ball. Ask Steve if he'll take me next time!?!?! Love the lil' dude...he's just got the best spirit-I mean so happy just all of the time. I couldn't believe when I called after his surgery and 24 hours hadn't even passed and I could hear him singing Little Einsteins. He sure is one super special guy. Shane was feeling sad tonight and asked if third grade was soon? And I said, well, you have to get through second first, why? and he said because third grade is the year I am hoping my best friends move here...they make me happy :) Miss you and love you ALL!

Heather Thompson said...

What an update! All of your boys are just amazingly adorable and I agree that Josh does remind me of my little Drew! I'm so glad to hear that Josh's surgery went well:) You and your hubby look absolutely fabulous for the ball and it's wonderful that you got to go! Great pictures and lots of fun times. Thanks for sharing!!! Heather (FL)

sara said...

Wow, you DO clean up nice!! Far cry from China, eh? HAHAHA!! I am STILL recovering and trying to lose a few pounds and get rid of the wrinkles I earned during the wait & trip :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I should have known you were an April girl, mines on Thursday!

I love catching up with the "boys" - Josh looked so sweet after surgery, you are such a fun Mommy and even heading to the beach?!?!?!

Your judge sounds like a PEACH. We are heading to court on FRIDAY for our "Re-Adoption" which will grant us that Colorado birth certificate. We have our Citizenship business and her ss card, once we get that birth certificate we can return to China (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

I almost threw up I am so funny.

Hoping we can come down to the beach this Fall???? Gotta talk the hubs into it and he's kind of uptight??? :) :) :) :)

Thanks for the cool update from funny Florida. Our snow just melted from 2 days ago. Sigh.

Bill and Midge said...

Glad to hear Josh did well with his surgery - sometimes I think it's worse on the Momma's than the kids.

Thanks for your thoughts about the night terrors. We have found they are much worse when she is over-tired. I have her on Zyrtec for allergies - trying to keep all those passages open.

Let me know when you will be passing thru this summer - we would love to see you.

Erica said...

Oh I am so happy to see you got out a little while your mom was there. I am sure she was a huge help! You look gorgeous in the picture of you and Steve, but I have to say I like the one of you two sipping the drink together even better. That spells Renee to me :)

We are counting the days until we can see you again. It is coming up quickly! Thank the Lord for that!

Missing you more than ever and wishing I could snuggle that little China baby and even help you flush a catheter...well, more so the snuggle part!