Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where do babies come from?

Well....two blog in one day? What up with that? But they are ones for my memory books and most of all....they are SHORT!!! ha ha ha

So Ben was sitting on the couch yesterday and he asked me - in a very serious tone of voice, "Mom...can you help having babies in your tummy - or does it just happen to you?"

I went on to explain that every child is chosen by the mommy and by God....and that having babies is a gift that mommies and daddies are given. Of course I get the "other" side to this argument....but at 7 - I think this is the only take that Ben needs to have. And truth be most cases...especially in "our" facts are true!

Chosen....that is what children are - babies are - pregnancies are....Chosen. They do not....Just happen!

I could tell that my words made Ben very happy - just the thought that he and his brothers were not random...and that they were chosen seemed to drop his shoulders and relax his face. Not sure why this question came about? He never did tell me.... I assume that he realizes that Josh was chosen and just wondered about the other people in the world - the non-adopted kind!! ha ha ha But just the is where the conversation went from there.....

Ben: "But not all of your kids came from your tummy right?"

Mom: "That's true."

Ben: "It's kind of cool mom that two of your kids came out of your tummy and two didn't!?"

Mom: "Hmmmm.....what two kids came out of mommy's tummy?"

Ben: "Me and Kyle...and then you went to that Hospital in Virgina where they keep the babies and picked out Will and then you went to China, where they keep babies there...and picked out Josh." (no question in his voice at all.....he was TELLING me the way it was...question and answer time was over!)

Mom: "Honey...Will came out of mommy's tummy too?."

Ben: "NO...I remember coming in the car with Daddy to pick up Will and there were lots of babies there that you got to choose from."

Mom: (So i tried to explain the "nursery" in the hospital and how all of those babies came out of their mom's tummy etc. etc......And Ben listened very carefully and attentively through my whole dissertation)

Ben: " you just must not have the best memory....we'll ask Dad when he gets home...he'll tell you that we got Will at the baby hospital."

And with that...he walked away with confidence in his eyes and satisfaction in his stride! Yep...I am wrong...... ha ha ha

Don't you wonder how long he will believe that?! ha ha ha


Mandi said...

I love it!!!! Your children are so sweet! I think you did a great job handling the question and the I think his take one Will is hilarious! I never really thought about it before, but that must really be what the nursery seems like to them. He sure is one smart cookie!

Erica said...

too funny. That Ben is a thinker! Good for him to be so sure of himself. That will serve him well, later. So, did he ask Steve? I would have loved to see that conversation happen with no warning. His little heart is so very big...and you know he is working overtime trying to figure all this "family" China, Baby Hospital, tummy baby stuff. Ben, we love you...and we are so happy you were chosen to be our very special friend!

lyss23 said...

oh my that is really and truly tooo stinkin funny!!!!I'm curious to see what steve said later, did he ask!?!?!??! ha ha ha Definitly a great blog, and much needed memory!

Erica said...

So you inspired me to write down a conversation from this morning in the car. Read it to the boys...I think they will appreciate why Benjamin wants God to turn into the HULK. FUNNY! Just add Will and Josh when you read the story.

shunter1019 said...

LOVE THIS!!! SO Ben! Can not wait to see you guys. Counting down the days(while I'm singing about my life going down the drain-LOL-hysterical as well!) Thanks for the smiles today- or thank the kids :) Love ya!!

sara said...

That is AWESOME!!!! When we first started CHina Adoption, Carter was 4 and thought ALL babies came from China, including him! I kinda liked it and waited a while to tell him the truth!