Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alive and Real

Josh? He is just becoming a "real boy" right in front of my very eyes! Every time i see him grow and learn...I think of Pinocchio? ha ha that weird! Either that...or the Velveteen rabbit...I think that sometimes too. The more we love him...the more he is becoming "alive" - know what I mean? on to the reason I started this post.

Each day when I drive my kids to school...and the neighbors kids as well (we carpool)....we have a very loud car. This has been going on since the beginning of the school year. They sing loud, scream, silly....kick their legs.....they are crazy people...ALL OF THEM! I have often wondered if the people walking in the streets can hear them with the windows up? I bet then can!

Each day I say the same thing....get it out of your system you can sit quietly at school. I suppose it works? They are all good kids at school right? And if for no reason at least they start the day with a huge smile and a hearty laugh!

Well...then came Josh. Afraid of everything....very sensitive....skiddish is probably a good word for it. The first day that he was in the car...and the kids had their usual crazy car ride...josh cried so hard that he threw up? Yeah - gross.

I explained to all of them that we just had to stop this morning ritual because it was not fair that we scared Josh. They all agreed. Some days they forgot...josh cried...they stopped. And in kind of just all went by the way side and the Mongold Van Bash was a distant memory.

We only have a week left of school homework....parties each day....and so the kids are getting kind of crazy and very ready for their summer break. And this morning....As we talked in the car on the way to school.....Will just started screaming...the ABC the top of his lungs. And when the other kids heard him screaming....they started screaming...and when the song was done....all heck broke loose....yelling, laughing....etc. etc.

All of a sudden I remember ..."Josh...oh no..." So I turn around to tell everyone to please stop. And as I turn I am juts assuming that Josh will have tears streaming down his face.....and before I spoke....I realized that Josh had a very different look on his face than the one I expected.

His mouth was open so wide that I could see his tonsils....his face was bright red...and his eyes were mere slits due to the huge joy he was getting from ...SCREAMING the top of his lungs. While kicking his legs and flailing his juice cup all over in the moment of fun!

And so....I said nothing. I let them scream....josh included.....and now I guess we can finish out the year with the Mongold Van Bash in full swing again!! :) You go Josh! You are just growing into one crazy, alive, real boy! :)

4 crazy boys!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funny Will Moments...

Kyle and Ben have graduated to taking showers. It happened last summer...they are just too big for the tub...and they make a darn mess! But every once in a while, Kyle will ask if he can take a bath will Will. This has not happened in months....but with that said...On Friday night - Kyle asked! Of course I said yes.... Well you could just see the energy building up in Will when the word "yes" came out of my mouth!....he was SOOOOOOOO excited! And for those of you that know Will...when he is excited...he looks like he is going to explode...and he is VERY loud!

As Kyle got in the bathtub...will Screams loud as he can, "Yeah Kyle.....Let's play that bath tub game where you hit me in the EYE with a BALL!!!" (Yeah....guess I should have been supervising bath time a bit better in the past right!! What the heck game is that...and do you want Kyles attention so badly that you are willing to take a ball to the eye for it? So many questions this cause me to have!!! ha ha ha)

And Will moment number two:

Will came out of my room the other day - NAKED. He does this often...and most time it is because he "got a little pee" on himself (in his words). But none the less...I always ask, "Will...why ya naked?"

Well this time I got an answer I was not ready for. He said, "I didn't pee this time mom...I farted...and my clothes are all FART-EE!" And he said his most serious tone...then he just walked away and started playing with the the BUFF!! :)

Love that kid...but seriously...he is making me age quickly!! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Some people graduate from Jr. High and SOME DON'T!'s my story of the week. Let me start by saying that Amelia Island is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I love the beaches, the parks, the activities for the kids, the Rec Center activities and the nature that is all around us. I have met such wonderful people here and have made some friends that I hope to know for la lifetime! All in all, while I miss home very much, this has been a positive experience for the whole family to live here and to get to know this area!

That being said. This island is small and there is quite the small town mentality that shines through from time to time. Most of it makes me laugh...some of makes me say "What?"...and still other parts of the small town life make me say, "Are you kidding?"

Today, I experienced an "Are you kidding?!" moment.

I am at the YMCA getting ready for Zumba class to start. A certain group of ladies live here on the island and they have - since the day they first laid eyes on me - let me know -that I do not belong here. These girls have a Jr. High mentality. New is bad, different is not accepted, and we will let you know that you are not welcome because of it.

Today, one of the "girls" is teaching zumba and the other is taking her class. I have been introduced to them both no less than 10 times a piece. And the story goes like this.....

They begin talking loudly about the week of rain that we have had and how hard it is to entertain the kids when they can't get outside. A few other "class waiters" chime in that they too are feeling the cabin fever. I say softly....something like, "I actually took all of my kids to the pool last night in the 60 degree weather just to get some of their energy out!"

At this point, some of the other"class waiters" say....Oh my...was it cold? And a few other laughs and nods of "I get it!" ONe lady actually said - Why didn't I think of that!!!.....And with the end of these comments to my statement.....girl one - the instructor....looks at Jr. High girl number two...and they roll their eyes....bring their heads together....actually whisper something...and they die laughing. They both proceed to look directly at me....then look again at each other...and truly die laughing again. I swear I am not happened just like that!

So I just kind of stand there, head to the side....small wrinkle of question in the middle of my forehead. I wanted to walk away, but I was truly in awe of their rudeness and I just wondered beyond all wonder...what they were going to say or do next. I guess I stood there for a bit longer than what they were comfortable with because one of them - the instructor - stopped laughing very abruptly and looked at me and said, "Oh....what is your name again?"

Now let me remind you that i know her name, her last name, her kids names and ages and could pick out her husband in a crowd. We have kids on the same baseball in the same schools and we swim with them at the Y at least once a week. WE HAVE TRULY been introduced no less than 10 times in the past 9 months. ...

So I pause for a moment and I say, "'s Ruth." And I smiled politely and just continued to look at her. Well her face proceeds to get bright red....she looks over at "Jr. High girl number two" (who by the way ...has her head down and does not even look up to rescue her dear friend.) and they says...." to meet you....or...see you......I better hit the bathroom before class starts...." And she rushes out of the room.

Of course no one in the room knew my name, or that I had said the wrong one...or that I had made this girl feel uncomfortable. I mean...come on...she knew my name!! :) ha ha ha...but now...she knows....that I am on to the Jr. high moment....wait...maybe I am not an idiot!! ha ha ha

No one knew...that is....except one girl. Her name i will not share....but after class she walked up to me and said, Renee...."you truly made my day before class. Some one needs to stand up to those bitchy girls!! Thanks for doing it!"

I guess, from that, I now know that it is not just me that is their target. There are other people that they ignore at the park, and in the grocery store. They will only talk to me when they are alone....and would think I was their best friend. But in their pack....they are mean.... ha ha ha ha

Yeah...and let me admit the worst part....while today I felt strong and on top of my game and was able to handle them with grace...there have been other days where this group of ladies has actually made me feel sad and unwelcome? What is up with that? I left the Jr. High....I graduated! But still.....sometimes it is easy to revisit those childhood hurt feelings when put face to face with people like this.

I know that they could have no reason to dislike me. Heck...even if there were something about me they didn't like...they don't know me well enough to know what it is! ha ha ha. So I write this for all of my girlfriends that have possibly been "here" before. In this place where even though we are mature, loving, good women....we can still have moments of Jr. High drama. Even though we didn't initiate still happens!

There will always be people who won't be nice. Who can make us feel left out and less than great! And to that I say - let your feelings get hurt! For 10 min....and then remember who you are and what you stand for....and move the heck on and away!! And thank your lucky stars every day that you are not this kind of person!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kyles graduation and Josh's 5th Month....

So much going on around here with the end of school. I am sure many of you can relate! Two posts in one day can't really tell you the WHOLE story...but it is two of the most noteworthy Mongold events that I am excited to share!

Happy Graduation Kyle....

Oh hard it was to see Kyle graduate from Preschool...knowing that he is heading to Kindergarten next year? I am so happy for him....and he is very excited. But for breaks my heart into pieces. I could not even talk through the ceremony without crying? Aghhh....

The lighting in the auditorium made picture taking very hard. No way I set the flash would keep the photos from being dark. So sad...but I got a few decent memory photos!

The graduation was held in an auditorium and it was quite a grand affair. 40 kids graduated and they put on an awesome presentation. Kyle sang the songs and did hand motions with the other kids - it was impressive.

Now he looked like he could burst into tears at any given moment...but he did it! Amazing!

This is Kyle just before it all started....with two of his special girl friends! Poor thing was scared to death! But when it was all over....he was giddy! So proud of himself for participating. And he just kept saying, "mom...I did everything and even danced!!!" He was so happy! He even said his lines out loud and remebered them all! Once this part was over you could see his body loosen up and he had more fun from that point on!

I thought maybe it would get easier with each child? When Ben graduated from Preschool I cried because my first baby was going to Kindergarten. Then...when Ben graduated from Kindergarten I cried even harder because he had such a year of ups and downs, and in the end I saw this blossom in him that made me so proud it brought tears to my eyes!
And this year I will cry again as he leaves first grade because he does not need my support anymore...he is a real student that walks to class on his own...gets on and off the bus with no trauma...and does so well in school!

And once you have done this once you would think it would get easier. But the second I saw Kyle in that auditorium...I got the lump. And it didn't leave me till I went to bed that night! Kyle is going to real school! How did he get this big? Wasn't he just that chunky baby eating cheerios out of his stroller tray? Don't' we ALL ask ourselves this. No matter what happens in any given day, week or month....time goes on. It flies by us and our children are growing and thriving each day that passes! I am not sure how it all happens...but sure enough....I will have two kids in school? I still 29! ha ha ha

I am so excited about the life that these boys are living. The people that they are becoming ...amazes me and makes me so proud and so very happy!

Kyle is a loving kid, that has so many friends and a zest for life that I envy on most days! He is kind and smart and always there to have a good time. Yet so focused on the inside! Such a wonderful package of a boy!

Congratulations Kyle...we love you and are so excited about your next journey! You will do awesome in Kindergarten - I have no doubts!! WE love you so much!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can it really be 5 months?

So I am a day or so late with this post, but suffice it to say....on the was 5 MONTHS since they first handed me our special little prince! Amazing? Some days it feels like we have had him in our lives forever - and maybe because in a way - we have. And other days I feel like we just arrived home 10 min ago?

What is our little man up to?

Well...he has completely outgrown the 18 month clothes...and then he outgrew the 24 month we are on round three of buying things for Josh to wear. We have to cinch the waist of everything, but he is getting so tall, that the 18 and 24 month stuff is WAY to short. He looks like pee wee Herman in them!!

And so it goes...JOsh with a tail? I cinch the back with a hair tie and he has a little tail hanging out the back of his shirt! ha ha ha......Not sure what is worse... a tail...or shorts that look like a mini skirt? I have gone with plan A....but if anyone has another opinion I am all ears! And if the opinion requires sewing...don't bother giving it.....the sewing machine is going on year the original box...seal unbroken!! :)

If anyone does something that Josh does not like he will come to me and say, "Mom...Ben...tell him!" And that means...tell him to knock it off. And if you don't "tell him" Josh will repeat this phrase for.....well...maybe the rest of his life....we have never let it got that far....but I am sure it would NEVER stop! And furthermore...if you don't "Tell him" to stop (whoever him is) then he will promptly go over to the offender...and whack them on the head and then run away!

Josh now sings to every song that we play in the car....and he knows the last word to every phrase....and get very loud in his singing when "his word" is coming!! He lOVE LOVES LOVES to sing and dance! And truly....he has some moves? He may be the only Mongold who looks good on the dance floor!!! :)

When josh does something wrong...he will look over at you and PUCKER his lips. I mean...a pucker that blocks his nostrils....and he will make kissy sounds because he knows that when he kisses the heart melts and all wrong is forgotten. NOw this may get old eventually...but for now....he has me wrapped tight!!

Steve is not Josh's favorite person. IN THE WORLD. He must ask "Daddy home? Daddy home?" a million and 10 times a day. Now I am not allowed to leave the room when he is with daddy? But if we are both in the room...he much prefers to play with daddy and sit on his lap! He eats better for Steve and whines less with Steve.....he truly is JOsh's lovey!!

Ice-creme remains his favorite food and eating is always a struggle. But he is growing so tall and strong...that he must be getting enough, so I have backed off the rigid eating schedule a bit. The surgery and sickness has sure helped me to do that as well!

Dressing up has become one of our favorite things to do. He loves to be Darth Vader and say "Rarhhhh".

Josh wakes up yelling from his crib, "Mommy....are you?" over and over again.

We now love the swimming pool and we love to play in the waves at the beach! And that took some work. He was scared to death of both at first!

Here's to another month of adjustment, another month of falling in love and another month of fun at the Mongold house!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A mix of a day......

On Monday of this week our little Josh woke up from his nap with a 105.7 fever? other word but SUCK....seems to fit the situation! I tried not to panic and immediately after reading that crazy thermometer I start making the necessary phone calls while submerging Josh in a tub of cool water......

We called the pediatrician...they could not see us and then the surgeon was our second call and he said, "Get to the ER now!"

And so that is where we the ER. We had quite a long day....and no planning really went into all the time that the non sick kids would sit idol in the ER as we waited. I really had NOTHING to keep them busy? I suppose that means I was not scared...more FRANTIC....and I just "did" with no real thoughts outside of moving us forward to get to the hospital!

(side note) After a rough week and two tries at meds because this terrible bacteria was resistant to the first med....we are feeling a bit better today. Still a fever...but it is 102.5 - MANAGEABLE....and we have high hopes that the next 48 hours takes care of this nasty infection that Josh contracted from his cath.

Anyway - as I am leaving for the ER, I realized that I had no cash on me and I knew that there may be snack machines or what I better find a way to get Cash! Being the great mom that I am (I know you have all done this before...don't lie!!) I went straight to the Bank of Ben and Kyle Mongold. Who enevitably....ALWAYS...have more money than I do!

I told both Ben and Kyle to grab their wallets in case they wanted anything at the Hospital. They didn't really understand what I meant...but they were kind of frantic and scared too, so they did what I said...and off we went!

After an hour or so, the kids - of course - said they were so hungry and thirsty that they could not live another second in this world if they did not have substance....and so we went in search of a snack machine. We were able to find one very easily. I told them that they could pay for their own drink and snacks, and with that, they stood and studied their choices carefully and they mentally chose what they would be purchasing.

We did this before we put the money in, so that we could move quickly and avoid losing cash. Ben was up to bat first. He looked at the dollar amount on the soda machine and it said $1.50. He knew how much that was....and he said....."Mom...that is a lot of money for one soda. That is one dollar and two quarters?" And he stood there staring at me. (as if I could change the price for him based on his dire need and not a mere want of a soda!!) I told him, yes, that soda was expensive and so were snacks, but if he was really that hungry and thirsty, then he would just have to pay what a person pays, for the convenience of this machine. We had no other options.

Ben look at the machine and then down at his money....and he said, " go first."

In the end of this great realization period, they both decided to share a soda and forgo the snack and eat up the old crackers at the bottom of my diaper bag!!! ha ha ha.......hmmmm.....will this lesson stick! You should have seen them in the grocery store the other night. "Mom...can we get these much are they?" Asking all the right questions and truly feeling for me and for the amount of money that I need to spend to feed them. When we were leaving Walmart Ben said, "How much did you spend mom?" When I told him 280.00....I thought he was going to stop breathing!!! :)

And for children have an appreciation for the cost of food and drink! Won't last long...but it was a great life lesson. The good part of our crazy day at the ER!! :)

Now...if they would just learn to appreciate the value of my time....and just how long it takes to clean the bathroom when they fail to lift the seat, aim, or wipe out the sink after washing black hands?!?!?! Time will tell!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

good news and bad news....and more good news!

Josh is able to take a bath with will again!! Great news!!!

He is able to head to the park again and play on the swings and slide!!!
And best of all - without feeling like a bad mom...Josh can hang and swim at the beach!! More great news!

Now the bad news. We all knew that the chances that this one surgery would fix all of Josh's problems was small. I had high hopes...but alas...that is not the case.
I brought him home from the hospital on Friday. He had his tubes removed there in the AM. It was very painful for him to pee for a few hours after the catheter was removed, so we just kept him in a diaper and held him each time he had to go. And believe me...we were FULLY AWARE of when he had to go! Poor guy! It was a rough day!
By Friday night however, the pain seemed to subside and he asked to pee on the potty. And so we did. And much to my dismay...our little man's new pee pee sprung a leak. Yep. It is called a fistula and it is one of the complications of a prosthetic urethra. Pee comes out the tip...but it also comes out the side. Kind of like a hose with a leak! :)
After much consultation with our doctors and the realization that there is only one consistent leak and not any new ones forming on a regular basis...that the plan will be to let the inside of Josh's pee pee fully heal before we go back in and fix this complication.
More good news....the next surgery will not be nearly as invasive, as several of Josh's other problems (Chordee, misplaced testicles etc.) seem to have been corrected with great success. So the urethra - although the largest part of this last the only problem. Next time will still involve drainage tubes and what not...but the overall surgery will not take as long and will be less invasive to Josh's system!
Looks like August will be the time for more surgery unless we see a need sooner, so we will go through the summer with our leaky boy!!! But despite this setback...he is happy and healthy and feeling no pain right now! And that is the best news of all!!
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!