Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alive and Real

Josh? He is just becoming a "real boy" right in front of my very eyes! Every time i see him grow and learn...I think of Pinocchio? ha ha that weird! Either that...or the Velveteen rabbit...I think that sometimes too. The more we love him...the more he is becoming "alive" - know what I mean? on to the reason I started this post.

Each day when I drive my kids to school...and the neighbors kids as well (we carpool)....we have a very loud car. This has been going on since the beginning of the school year. They sing loud, scream, silly....kick their legs.....they are crazy people...ALL OF THEM! I have often wondered if the people walking in the streets can hear them with the windows up? I bet then can!

Each day I say the same thing....get it out of your system you can sit quietly at school. I suppose it works? They are all good kids at school right? And if for no reason at least they start the day with a huge smile and a hearty laugh!

Well...then came Josh. Afraid of everything....very sensitive....skiddish is probably a good word for it. The first day that he was in the car...and the kids had their usual crazy car ride...josh cried so hard that he threw up? Yeah - gross.

I explained to all of them that we just had to stop this morning ritual because it was not fair that we scared Josh. They all agreed. Some days they forgot...josh cried...they stopped. And in kind of just all went by the way side and the Mongold Van Bash was a distant memory.

We only have a week left of school homework....parties each day....and so the kids are getting kind of crazy and very ready for their summer break. And this morning....As we talked in the car on the way to school.....Will just started screaming...the ABC the top of his lungs. And when the other kids heard him screaming....they started screaming...and when the song was done....all heck broke loose....yelling, laughing....etc. etc.

All of a sudden I remember ..."Josh...oh no..." So I turn around to tell everyone to please stop. And as I turn I am juts assuming that Josh will have tears streaming down his face.....and before I spoke....I realized that Josh had a very different look on his face than the one I expected.

His mouth was open so wide that I could see his tonsils....his face was bright red...and his eyes were mere slits due to the huge joy he was getting from ...SCREAMING the top of his lungs. While kicking his legs and flailing his juice cup all over in the moment of fun!

And so....I said nothing. I let them scream....josh included.....and now I guess we can finish out the year with the Mongold Van Bash in full swing again!! :) You go Josh! You are just growing into one crazy, alive, real boy! :)


Heather Thompson said...

Isn't it amazing to see them transform!!! What a wonderful step! Enjoy your jam sessions and prepare for a fun and rowdy summer! :)

shunter1019 said...

AHHHHHHHHH.....I can't wait to hug that little man again. I can only imagine the sheer joy that it must give you to watch him come into his own self confident, non timid, assured little man-to know that your family gave him this gift must be overwhelming!!! It's SO amazing-the changes! Love you all!

Erica said...

This is making me cry. I am so happy to read this, because I know this is a giant step for you and Josh! Josh knows he is loved and every day he is solidified in that love a little more. Renee, you are "growing" an amazing little boy, a real boy, a boy that will know how loved he truly day :)

Heather said...

It is those ahha moments that still overtake us. Our Lillian is the same way now-- just one of the crew! She has lost the fear and changed it to fun loving! So glad the 5 month mark is holding the same for Josh.