Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can it really be 5 months?

So I am a day or so late with this post, but suffice it to say....on the was 5 MONTHS since they first handed me our special little prince! Amazing? Some days it feels like we have had him in our lives forever - and maybe because in a way - we have. And other days I feel like we just arrived home 10 min ago?

What is our little man up to?

Well...he has completely outgrown the 18 month clothes...and then he outgrew the 24 month we are on round three of buying things for Josh to wear. We have to cinch the waist of everything, but he is getting so tall, that the 18 and 24 month stuff is WAY to short. He looks like pee wee Herman in them!!

And so it goes...JOsh with a tail? I cinch the back with a hair tie and he has a little tail hanging out the back of his shirt! ha ha ha......Not sure what is worse... a tail...or shorts that look like a mini skirt? I have gone with plan A....but if anyone has another opinion I am all ears! And if the opinion requires sewing...don't bother giving it.....the sewing machine is going on year the original box...seal unbroken!! :)

If anyone does something that Josh does not like he will come to me and say, "Mom...Ben...tell him!" And that means...tell him to knock it off. And if you don't "tell him" Josh will repeat this phrase for.....well...maybe the rest of his life....we have never let it got that far....but I am sure it would NEVER stop! And furthermore...if you don't "Tell him" to stop (whoever him is) then he will promptly go over to the offender...and whack them on the head and then run away!

Josh now sings to every song that we play in the car....and he knows the last word to every phrase....and get very loud in his singing when "his word" is coming!! He lOVE LOVES LOVES to sing and dance! And truly....he has some moves? He may be the only Mongold who looks good on the dance floor!!! :)

When josh does something wrong...he will look over at you and PUCKER his lips. I mean...a pucker that blocks his nostrils....and he will make kissy sounds because he knows that when he kisses the heart melts and all wrong is forgotten. NOw this may get old eventually...but for now....he has me wrapped tight!!

Steve is not Josh's favorite person. IN THE WORLD. He must ask "Daddy home? Daddy home?" a million and 10 times a day. Now I am not allowed to leave the room when he is with daddy? But if we are both in the room...he much prefers to play with daddy and sit on his lap! He eats better for Steve and whines less with Steve.....he truly is JOsh's lovey!!

Ice-creme remains his favorite food and eating is always a struggle. But he is growing so tall and strong...that he must be getting enough, so I have backed off the rigid eating schedule a bit. The surgery and sickness has sure helped me to do that as well!

Dressing up has become one of our favorite things to do. He loves to be Darth Vader and say "Rarhhhh".

Josh wakes up yelling from his crib, "Mommy....are you?" over and over again.

We now love the swimming pool and we love to play in the waves at the beach! And that took some work. He was scared to death of both at first!

Here's to another month of adjustment, another month of falling in love and another month of fun at the Mongold house!


shunter1019 said...

Oh How I cried...I loved to read about Kyle's graduation and I know how you feel. I am getting ready for the same sort of week next week and I already have fought tears away and swallowed lumps in my throat over the fact that my baby is going to kindergarten. I am finding it harder this time than the first for some odd reason. I cried and fought similar emotions the first time, but this time, this may be it for me. No more babies in my house and how that hurts a mommy's heart! I loved how Kyle participated and I loved reading about all of Josh's milestones. He has come a long darn way in a relatively short time!! And as for suggestions on the pants falling down:) Shane..same issues to this day. Skinny but oh so tall. I just have conceded to the fact, that no matter how cute, I can't buy anything unless they are adjustable waist bands. I go one size bigger to fit the length and then cinch them to the very last waistband adjustable thingy. The sides look like they are a ball they are cinched so much, but it works. I also purchase many things from Lands End bc they have great sales and mostly elastic waist bands double proofed by inserting a real drawstring on the inside for further protection from dropped drawers :) Miss you and love you and great catching up today. See you oh so soon!!!

sara said...

Another month of love! I love hearing the funny things your little man is saying and doing - I can't believe it? Sometimes it DOES feel like forever, others, like we just got home - started this grand adventure - isn't it amazing? Josh is doing so well!! And he's just getting cuter every day!

sara said...

...AND I couldn't help but notice the boy's farmer's tan!!!!