Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funny Will Moments...

Kyle and Ben have graduated to taking showers. It happened last summer...they are just too big for the tub...and they make a darn mess! But every once in a while, Kyle will ask if he can take a bath will Will. This has not happened in months....but with that said...On Friday night - Kyle asked! Of course I said yes.... Well you could just see the energy building up in Will when the word "yes" came out of my mouth!....he was SOOOOOOOO excited! And for those of you that know Will...when he is excited...he looks like he is going to explode...and he is VERY loud!

As Kyle got in the bathtub...will Screams out...as loud as he can, "Yeah Kyle.....Let's play that bath tub game where you hit me in the EYE with a BALL!!!" (Yeah....guess I should have been supervising bath time a bit better in the past right!! What the heck game is that...and do you want Kyles attention so badly that you are willing to take a ball to the eye for it? So many questions this cause me to have!!! ha ha ha)

And Will moment number two:

Will came out of my room the other day - NAKED. He does this often...and most time it is because he "got a little pee" on himself (in his words). But none the less...I always ask, "Will...why ya naked?"

Well this time I got an answer I was not ready for. He said, "I didn't pee this time mom...I farted...and my clothes are all FART-EE!" And he said this...in his most serious tone...then he just walked away and started playing with the boys...in the BUFF!! :)

Love that kid...but seriously...he is making me age quickly!! :)


lyss23 said...

God Love Him!!1 Classic Will moment!!! Love iT! ha ha ha

Erica said...

so did he leave skid marks? sorry i had to ask. I love that kid and his sense of the world. it is priceless!

dandsratz said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!! I miss that little man!! I can't wait to see ya'll!! :)

LoveBKWJ said...

Yeah...good question E! ha ha ha....no skids...just didn't want to be in clothes that had touched the wind I guess! ha ha ha