Monday, May 4, 2009

good news and bad news....and more good news!

Josh is able to take a bath with will again!! Great news!!!

He is able to head to the park again and play on the swings and slide!!!
And best of all - without feeling like a bad mom...Josh can hang and swim at the beach!! More great news!

Now the bad news. We all knew that the chances that this one surgery would fix all of Josh's problems was small. I had high hopes...but alas...that is not the case.
I brought him home from the hospital on Friday. He had his tubes removed there in the AM. It was very painful for him to pee for a few hours after the catheter was removed, so we just kept him in a diaper and held him each time he had to go. And believe me...we were FULLY AWARE of when he had to go! Poor guy! It was a rough day!
By Friday night however, the pain seemed to subside and he asked to pee on the potty. And so we did. And much to my dismay...our little man's new pee pee sprung a leak. Yep. It is called a fistula and it is one of the complications of a prosthetic urethra. Pee comes out the tip...but it also comes out the side. Kind of like a hose with a leak! :)
After much consultation with our doctors and the realization that there is only one consistent leak and not any new ones forming on a regular basis...that the plan will be to let the inside of Josh's pee pee fully heal before we go back in and fix this complication.
More good news....the next surgery will not be nearly as invasive, as several of Josh's other problems (Chordee, misplaced testicles etc.) seem to have been corrected with great success. So the urethra - although the largest part of this last the only problem. Next time will still involve drainage tubes and what not...but the overall surgery will not take as long and will be less invasive to Josh's system!
Looks like August will be the time for more surgery unless we see a need sooner, so we will go through the summer with our leaky boy!!! But despite this setback...he is happy and healthy and feeling no pain right now! And that is the best news of all!!
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!


shunter1019 said...

Sprung a leak, huh!? UGH!! I'm just so happy that he isn't in any pain right now and that it seems to be minor compared to what could have been. I'm so happy that the next one will be easier. He's such a sweet boy! I can't wait until all of this is behind him/us. Love him, love you all!

Erica said...

Oh Little have to be different, dont you? :) We love you! I am praying the next surgery goes a bit easier for you and Mommy!!! I am so sorry this last one wasn't the end of scalpels for you. No pain, long summer, a little extra leak..still such an incredibly great summer for little man JOSH! The best is yet to come for you sweet boy!!!

Bill and Midge said...

I'm glad to hear Josh is doing o.k. and not in pain. Hopefully the next surgery will get everything resolved. I think in many ways all these surgeries and doctors visits are harder on the moms. Hang in there! Hugs to you and Josh.

Dianne said...

Renee, thanks for the update. We're so sorry for especially Josh, but also for you and Stephen. It's always hard on the parents to see your child in any distress. Take care and love to all.

Heather said...

Love the baby in tummy drama!! too funny

Glad Josh is doing well- hope surgery two has lasting (not leaking) effects!

sara said...

Well, I, too, was optimistic for Josh!! Dang it! But so happy that YOU are content and settled & so willing to help him get through this!! I know it is a "burden" on the whole family - one that will be SO worth it in the end! I am glad the little sweetie isn't in pain any more :)

Big Hugs!!!