Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Graduation Kyle....

Oh hard it was to see Kyle graduate from Preschool...knowing that he is heading to Kindergarten next year? I am so happy for him....and he is very excited. But for breaks my heart into pieces. I could not even talk through the ceremony without crying? Aghhh....

The lighting in the auditorium made picture taking very hard. No way I set the flash would keep the photos from being dark. So sad...but I got a few decent memory photos!

The graduation was held in an auditorium and it was quite a grand affair. 40 kids graduated and they put on an awesome presentation. Kyle sang the songs and did hand motions with the other kids - it was impressive.

Now he looked like he could burst into tears at any given moment...but he did it! Amazing!

This is Kyle just before it all started....with two of his special girl friends! Poor thing was scared to death! But when it was all over....he was giddy! So proud of himself for participating. And he just kept saying, "mom...I did everything and even danced!!!" He was so happy! He even said his lines out loud and remebered them all! Once this part was over you could see his body loosen up and he had more fun from that point on!

I thought maybe it would get easier with each child? When Ben graduated from Preschool I cried because my first baby was going to Kindergarten. Then...when Ben graduated from Kindergarten I cried even harder because he had such a year of ups and downs, and in the end I saw this blossom in him that made me so proud it brought tears to my eyes!
And this year I will cry again as he leaves first grade because he does not need my support anymore...he is a real student that walks to class on his own...gets on and off the bus with no trauma...and does so well in school!

And once you have done this once you would think it would get easier. But the second I saw Kyle in that auditorium...I got the lump. And it didn't leave me till I went to bed that night! Kyle is going to real school! How did he get this big? Wasn't he just that chunky baby eating cheerios out of his stroller tray? Don't' we ALL ask ourselves this. No matter what happens in any given day, week or month....time goes on. It flies by us and our children are growing and thriving each day that passes! I am not sure how it all happens...but sure enough....I will have two kids in school? I still 29! ha ha ha

I am so excited about the life that these boys are living. The people that they are becoming ...amazes me and makes me so proud and so very happy!

Kyle is a loving kid, that has so many friends and a zest for life that I envy on most days! He is kind and smart and always there to have a good time. Yet so focused on the inside! Such a wonderful package of a boy!

Congratulations Kyle...we love you and are so excited about your next journey! You will do awesome in Kindergarten - I have no doubts!! WE love you so much!


sara said...

Such a big day for Kyle. Sigh. I got a lump just reading about YOUR lump! Don't you wish we could go BACKWARDS instead of forwards? SOMETIMES!? It is bittersweet to watch them grow up :)

wyanne said...

You know...I'm pretty sure Logan is going to grow up and marry Kyle one day. lol.... He's her favorite....but she'd never admit it. :)