Tuesday, June 9, 2009

7? How can it be!!!???

Ben's party was so much fun! A huge thank you to all the wonderful friends and parents that came out to make his day so special! We had 20 kids - on a mini-golf course - on Amelia Island! The place was super cool. There is a "secret" room juts under the waterfall where we did cake, ice-creme and presents. The Water actually falls into the room and makes a huge pool with rocks and all at the bottom. Very fun when you are 7! I did a terrible job of taking photos? But below are a few that at least capture the moment for us to remember in the coming years!

I didn't get ANY photos of the actual golf taking place, as I (and the other parents that stayed) were making sure that no one fell down a cliff, or got his in the head with a club or ball!! We didn't keep score...and they all left winners!! :) I suggest this to anyone here who is looking for a party place! The owner is a special man and he worked to make our time there a blast! Soda...ice-creme...balloons....and so much more!

Daddy was able to be here for the party! And truly - that made is more special than I can say! And Ben has made so many wonderful friends in our new home and they were all so excited to see each other at the party that it brought tears to my eyes! Hugging and screaming and rolling all over the floor together....and this did this each time someone else came through the doors! Ben is so loved and has really met some awesome kids!! Such a different birthday than he had last year when the movers delivered our goods the day before his birthday!!...and this....after he had just the week before said goodbye to the only home he had ever known! :) He deserved this super day!!

When the party started, there was sun sun sun....and around 2pm - just at the end of the party...the skies looked like this...and they opened up to a HUGE rain storm that flooded most everything around! The weather gods were on our side for this one!


shunter1019 said...

I love you my special godson!!! Your party looked so fun and that course is super cool. Shane and Ryan are sad that they missed it, but you SO deserved a happy, happy birthday party. We can't wait to see you and of course, we'll celebrate a second time, like always, all of us, together. Love you!!!

lyss23 said...

haha that picture of steve is kind of scary...lol but at the same time i'm sitting here laughing out loud at him ha ha ha good stuff

Erica said...

Ok What in the world? Ben, your present is on its way! Promise!!! And believe me my Benjamin has really thought it out! We cannot believe you are seven. Hugs and Kisses!