Monday, June 29, 2009

Another birthday....another baby that has transitioned into a little boy....

Seems only yesterday that you were this one year old little guy! Shy and timid...sweet and silly....

And now you are 4? You at still all of those things...but now you are so much more!! You are a crazy, perfect, adventurous, loving, curious, sweet little BOY! The baby in you is gone...look out world!! Here comes Will Mongold!

 went from that baby that worked each day in pottery land with your mommy! Chubby, calm, small....quiet.....easy....... a 4 year old little man. You play video games with your brothers, you swim, you ride a bike. You can do sparklers, run fast, and build Lego's better than me! You never take no for an answer and there is no skill that you won't try! Your remarkable! You have shown us how capable you are of anything you put your mind too! Those big brothers will have to keep on their toes to keep little Will from passing them by in ANYTHING that they do!

Your curiosity is off the charts. You learn move in a day than most people learn in a month!

You make us all work a little extra hard to find the best activity, or the best craft to make us want to learn with you!

Will, you give me a run for my money most days and some times you make me feel 10 years older than I really am. Keeping up with you is a full time job! And what I know for certain, is that your huge energy and your off the charts zest for life will create quite a remarkable young man one day! And we love you for all of these things!

I swear I can take out one crayon and a used piece of paper and you can find excitement in what you will draw in that small empty space! Never do I throw an idea out there that your arms don't reach for the sky as you yell....Yeah....that's awesome mommy!!

Your Tasmanian tantrums.....well....I guess we could do without them...but heck....without your high emotions when you are disappointed...I fear we would not get the cheers of joy when you are I'll take those crazy tantrums!!

To have your "happy face" in my life is what keeps me going on the hard days! You never let me quit!

And when you say "Mom...I love ya so much!" melts my heart. I have heard I love you for years....and leave it to you to take it up a notch and add the "so much" on the end! It melts me that much more! And why should I be surprised....that you have the need/ability to take everything up that one extra notch!!

We are so lucky to have your crazy little self in our lives! My love for you is so perfect! You are my Will? My Willa-mina? My Will-a-monster! Since the day I met you...I knew you were something special and unique! Keep us on our toes sprinkle face! You are our "best friend"! We love you little man!! :)


Angela Nikolaus said...

Happy Birthday, Little Man!! We love you and miss you very, very much! I cannot believe little Will is four years old today. Have a fun, fun day and milk it for all it's worth:)

shunter1019 said...

HAPPY Birthday Will! The collage of pictures is PERFECT showing all of your many little "personalities". You are sweet, hilarious, good and bad to the bone all at the same time! We love love love that about you and can't wait to spend a week plus some with you and ur brothers and mommy very soon. Make sure to get everything you want today because it's ur burtday :) Hope you liked our little song. We love you!!!

Erica said...

INDEED WE DO LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY! You have made me smile from the first night on met you, with your big chubby legs and baby food covered white romper sitting on your mommy's hip! I love you to pieces. You are so special to all of us, especially Bradley, who just wants WILL TO MOVE BACK HOME! You scare me a little with your drawing circles, but I know one day when your art is up in some famous gallery, critics will scorn me for not appreciating it! I laugh still every time I think of you and Bradley watching that ball go up in the tree and just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come two grumpy old men. Will, we adore you!