Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is all well that ends well???

Ok…funny story. part one. X-box is broken. The place on the island that fixed it last time….closed down? So….I call game stop to see if they can help me find a place to fix it and the man there tells me about this great guy in Jax that fixes game systems for very cheap..and that there was no one locally that would even look at an xbox 360.

So…I call this guy in jax. I tell him the prob…he says..."I know just what is wrong and I can fix it in 10 min." Good news right!!?? Well....he is one hour from my front door and I am not yet used to having to drive and hour to get to anything worth while? (except the beach!! ha ha h)

Terri was coming to babysit just to give me break and allow me to clean out the car and hit the grocery store etc. etc.…but I think….ok…I’ll just use the sitter to get this darn game box fixed.

The man - Kyle - told me it would be 30 bucks...that's a deal - last time I spent over a hundred to get it fixed...... and I needed some alone time. Who cares that it was in the car. And with that, I head down to Jax. 4:00 – Monday afternoon.

part two. Ange is getting ready to leave from their visit with us on Saturday and Zachary can’t find his favorite DS game. He was terribly sad.....Scared he would never see his game again....oh and we looked....We looked everywhere! It was just before they were getting ready to head to the airport and I felt so bad…but they had to go…and we could not find it.

I am sure you know where this is going…but back to the previous story.

I mapquest the address of Kyles business. I take 9A and get off Merril road. ( I say this only because the highway is familiar...but I have never had cause to get off this exit before...and for anyone local....they know what is coming!)

I can tell as soon as I exit that I am not in the most upscale neighborhood. And please know how much I am under exaggerating right now. NOT UPSCALE. I follow the directions…rights …lefts…further and further into the hood. I mean…where the hell am I going right. So I think…maybe this is a bad idea…it’s a game box? I'm now so very glad I don't have the kdis with me! Is my life not more important than a game box? And the answer came to me quite quickly….NO…I AM NOT! So I pressed on.

I get to the final address and it is the beat up house on cinder blocks in a terribly sketchy neighborhood. To make sure I am in the right place, I call Kyle. I ask him if he sees me out front and at that... his front door opens…yep…this is the place.

I get my phone in hand…ready to dial 911 if I need to….and head into the house. No air-conditioning? Lots of people living there. House was trashed - like nothing I have ever seen! I stood there with my sun dress, and my purple purse, looking like a deer in the headlights I am sure. Kyle takes my x-box and says…just have a seat…it’ll only take me about 10 min and I don’t want you to have to drive the whole way back here just to pick it up. Kyle was SUPER NICE and so was his mom…who got me water while I waited. Once they spoke to me...I knew I was ok! The fear was gone...phone is back in my purse!

Of course I am starting to realize that this is not an up and up business…and I have no cash. So I tell them this and I say that I will go in search of an ATM and be right back. They say OK…off I go…into the hood…lookin’ for money? After about 10 min of searching, I find a gas station that is all in bars….and it advertises….fireworks, cigars, BBQ, XXX and ATM. And as bad as the bars made me feel when I walked through the front door….the bullet proof glass and bars that were protecting the cashier – INSIDE – the store…scared me even worse.

I get my money…I leave….drive back to Kyle’s house….and he says….well Renee…I found your problem. You need to tell one of your kids that DS games to not work in the X-box! Yep…Zachary’s game was shoved in there by JOSH (I am sure) and the x-box is now fixed….I’ll send Zachary his game tomorrow….and I am alive!!

All is well that ends well...I SUPPOSE!! :)


Erica said...

Renee, Seriously???? Your kids need to read this one in a few years and realize what you do for them. You are the mom of moms! I thought I could leave you alone on that little island and you would be safe, but it seems I am wrong. :) Love you and glad you are indeed safe.

shunter1019 said...

OMG- when you called me you had thought you got off the wrong exit, but indeed, it was the right one, huh? I am seriously laughing. I can just see you right now standing in that living room scared to death, but wanting to look like you were calm as a cucumber. It would be funny to hear what you talked to them about since you are a very complimentary person. Did you tell them you loved the house on blocks or the couch on the front porch? I'm cracking up. Glad you met up with Kyle though- at least he found Zachary's game and seems like a pretty swell dude! All in a days work- and hey, an adveturesome outing alone anyhow :)

lyss23 said...

I seriously almost just peed myself laughing :) that is too funny...and I can totally vision what you went through ha ha ha You are the mom of all mom's...you go girl! :)

Angela Nikolaus said...

We got game, Girl! The game, actually...the one you risked your life for...the one that "broke" the XBox, the one that made Zachary cry, etc. etc. His little freckled face was such a happy one yesterday when he saw what Aunt Renee sent in the mail! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love ya:)