Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just to clarify... my poor husband....who is still in town....on a boat...not home....delayed from his departure because of broken boat things....but not with his family???? my blog last night when he was trying desperately to get this darn trojan hourse out of my computer!?

Yes it's true....he didn't know about some of the fears I have or the issues that I anticipate or am experienceing right now. I was trying to spare him any extra work in his last moments with us. And....because of my need to blog what is on my mind.... in his last hours yesterday he spent his time out looking at Ben's bike, teaching me how to fix the dog line....tracking the bike rack package...adding extra protection software to my crazy computer.....and get me right?! Not what I had planned? Maybe should have posted that blog a day later right? So now I feel like a big shmuck! Not because he made me feel this way....I mean....I just am kind of a big shmuck?!

And I want to say this for all to hear!! LOUD!!! By no means do my feelings, anxieties and fears about deployments reflect on Steve's ability or any lack there accomplish things around this house!! :) Heck...he could fix everything that has ever broken....and I would still fear that the second he walks out the door, our rental house will need tending too, or our credit cards will be compromised....etc. etc. Know what I mean? I am just scared. Scared in the short term about the issues and problems that I am able to anticipate....but no less scared as a whole if they were all to disappear right now! And like I said week from now...this will lessen by leaps and bounds. It is just how "I roll" when he deploys?!

Steve, you do your share around here and THEN SOME! And a big emphasis on the "and THEN SOME!" This is just me....having issues....not you being a big old slacker!!! ha ha ha ha!! :) Go away knowing that all is fine. Everyone will have a great summer....we will fix problems and ignore problems based on the overall need rating! WE will make it all work - we will miss you.....we will wish you were here with us...but we will survive. And we will survive because of all you do for us! And because you are coming home in not that long! Just do your job well and have as much fun as you can in a tin can under the water!! :) Accomplish great things...and come home ready to play!

In conclusion....STEVE IS NOT A SLACKER!!! :) hee hee hee!! :)


lyss23 said...

Scuba Steve is kinda like super Steve! ha ha ha Just a random thought while i'm here waiting for my sicky girl to wake up ha ha Hope the rain goes away!!!

shunter1019 said...

LOL- I think anyone that even remotely knows Steve, knows he is anything but a slacker!!! WE love you all!

Bill and Midge said...

Renee, you are so normal! I think everything you are feeling is perfectly healthy and normal(even if it's not fun!) Of course you miss your husband and life is just not the same without him home. You are a strong, amazing mom and you will do fine - and you know that! But part of this process is going through the steps to get there again, and I bet if you go through 500 deployements, you will have to do this same process 500 times. And that's o.k. - because it's what you need to do and it doesn't make you any less wonderful than you already are!

Erica said...

Oh for goodness sake, girl, you are emotional! Who in the world would take from your last blog that Steve was a slacker? They need to read it again! If anything, it was a hands off to Steve and all he DOES do at your house and for your family. Hoping no one made you feel guilty for that blog...and Steve if you have any iota of interest in what I say haha I THINK YOU ARE a little like SCUBA STEVE! We think you are great at what you do for the country, but we love you more at home! So, be safe!