Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time is a crazy thing....

12 moths ago we moved the family to our new home in Florida. 9 months ago we saw Josh's face for the first time? 6 months ago I held Josh for the first time. That time...between our move and flying home with Josh is truly a blur? I know the kids played basketball? I know that they started in new schools....we made new friends and started a new life here in Florida? But the details of it all seems foggy. So much paperwork was done and so much preperation for our adoption....that is kind of all runs together.

And the past 6 months of adjusting with Josh...having him adjust to us....surgery.... recovery... well....that is all kind of like a blur too? In short - I have no idea where this last year has gone?

Many times, when you reach the end of a journey or a project, you think....well....that went fast....but when you recall the details of whatever you have accomplished, you can kind of see where time was spent and you can certainly find reference for the time in between the start and finish.

This time - I can not. I think about the movers coming last June 16th to deliver our things to our Florida home? And then here I am. The details in the middle are so blurry and being here - today - writing this blog....almost seems weird to me? It just can't be June 16th 2009?

This is the first year in my life thus far that I can't account for. Great things happened and we are in an Awesome place in our lives right now! Our family is whole, we are happy and healthy and everyone is growing like weeds. WE are losing teeth, speaking new words, learning our independence and truly having so much fun together! So I am VERY VERY glad that this last year happened to us. But in the end...when I am old and grey and talking to my roommate in the nursing home one day.....this is a year that I will have only two things to say about....I moved and got Josh! That simple!! :) ha ha ha ha

I hear tell that there will be more years like this one in my future. Time has a way of speeding up as life moves on! Not sure I really believed that whole heartedly until now!

Anyway...sorry for that tangent. On to the real reason for this blog: JOSH.

6 months.... a half of a year.....so much has changed for our little man and so much he has grown!

When I met Josh, he was one of the most timid children that I have ever been in contact with. I truly was not even sure how to handle it? I just mustered as much patience as I could and realized that how this all played out was not for me to decide or control...I just needed to roll with the person that Josh was and see where we landed!

Now, Josh can swim underwater, dive in waves, ride a bike, jump off a bed, slide down the tallest slide, make friends in any restaurant or park that we go to. Josh is social, talkative, silly, smart, funny, bad and an all around normal 2 year old boy. I can remember bits and pieces of our time before his real personalty let loose...but that memory is fading. It is almost like he has always been this crazy, charismatics little man! :)

Josh struggled with us, at first, with boundaries and knowing how to act, and what was ok and what was not....and truly - today....he just fits in. I don't see that look of fear or uncertainty in his eyes anymore. I'll knock on wood and say - that I NEVER see it. He walks proud and confident and his house is his castle. He can play games at chuck e cheese and then walk right away from me to another game. For the first time....I am looking for him? Imagine that....he is not searching me out every second anymore....I have to keep tabs on HIM? Heck...maybe I was better off the other way ....in some ways that is! ha ha ha

I know the next 6 months will bring great things for Josh, but I venture to guess that the changes will not be as great and as significant as they were this past 6 months. I can see him leveling off into his normal, wonderful life! And that feels good. For him...for me....for the boys....it just feels right and good!

I thank my lucky stars that the Mongolds found Josh! And from here on out....we will hardly remember our lives without him!


Erica said...

Josh has blessed you I know...but you have blessed him soooo much!!! And, that little china doll with a suntan is so amazingly cute! I cannot believe he can get a tan like that. Joshie, we cannot wait to hang out with you on the beach soon.

sara said...

It is so mutual - you finding Josh, Josh finding you! Such a blessing for both of you..he looks like he is doing SO well, these little China babes have come so far - I can't WAIT to see the next 6 months go by!

Love ya,

shunter1019 said...

I just loved this post and seeing how much Josh has changed. It really is such a blessing....to everyone. I loved hearing him scream "AIR R EW" for "where are you?" when he woke up today. He is just an amazing person- he's been through so much in his two years but it's like the only part he remembers is you guys! What a gift! Love u!