Saturday, June 27, 2009

what to do on a lazy Saturday....

We began our lazy Saturday with an 8:30am wake up? All four boys slept till 8:30!! It was so nice to have a few min to myself in the AM!! We were supposed to meet some friends at a water park in GA. And after much deliberation...I just decided that without Steve....I didn't think I wanted to tackle a water park alone. These are new friends and not someone that I feel like I can say...."Hey can you stay with Josh and Will while I take Ben and Kyle on that slide?" ....know what I mean? So I got online and found a park just 20 miles from us that allowed you to drive your vehicles onto the beach for the day. Cost = 3.00? No joke!

So off we Daddy's jeep! Steve...are you so proud of me!! :) We drove about a half a mile on the beach till we found a place to park! So many people!

It was like tailgating at a concert...without the concert! So many nice people! We decided that as long as the tailpipe was not covered up....I could still get out!! WE were the last car standing in our first spot!! Eventually...that tide just kept coming in....and I got we had to move in land just a bit! About 10 feet! Made me feel better!!!

The water was awesome and nice and green....the photos don't do it justice! The kids loved it!

My Dad came out after a bit and joined us!

Believe it or not...there was even an ice creme truck that drove up and down the beach! Just like the one in our old Neighborhood in VA...only with bigger tires!! :) ha ha ha

Josh tried out boogie boarding for the first time! Ben and I really worked on our skills today! We had an awesome time. I think we went further in once ride than ever before! Stars must have been aligned for us!

And when he kids got tired...they could head to the back of the jeep where we had a blanket and they could get out of the sun and play some DS!! Yeah....sorry babe....blanket didn't save your jeep from the sand blast like I had hoped! When we got home Ben asked if he could at least wash the outside of daddy's car so he was not as mad at us for the mess when he got home!! :) I assured him it was ok!! :) But he hosed the sand off the outside just in case!

Josh had a nap!

And while he slept we used the jeep doors to make a tent for some shade!

Oh...and when we got home there was a package from GG Town! Wow....great package GG....we had so much fun in my closet with the night goggles and other light up stuff. and then we went bird watching with our new "nokulars" in the back yard! GG made Will's whole week!! Thank you!

The drive home through three little island just south of Amelia Island was beautiful! Wish I knew how to put the top down to better enjoy the event...but I was afraid I could not get it back on? Better safe than sorry...I say!

Fun day! The best days seem to start out as expectations....just an open slate! And this was one of the most fun summer events thus far! Happy Saturday!! And I found another park that we can do the same thing on another little island...we'll check that out this week. Not having to walk from a parking lot with all our Sh*! ROCKS!! :)


Kathleen said...

Wow, Looks like you guys had the greatest time. I love your blog, great pictures, your boys are adorable. Seems like your doing a great job mom. Keep up the good work.

Bill and Midge said...

So glad you had a fun day. We had a great day to, at Virginia Beach. I'll put up pic's on our blog next week. Michelle loved the ocean. We had dinner tonight with Cath & Pete. Sooooo fun to see the girls together, esp. since they share so much of the same history, same orphanage and all. Bet your ears were burning - it was fun telling Catherine about how sweet Josh is!

lyss23 said...

oh kick butt!!!! that sounds like an awesome day!!! I'm jealous!! ha ha ha ha great pics and what a cool idea!!!

Erica said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon. You are brave to drive the beach on the Jeep...hopefully one day I will take ours off pavement :) hehe

shunter1019 said...

That ROCKS! You are so awesome-there isn't anything you won't try alone! I had to think about how all 4 kids smooshed in that jeep, and that made me think of the whole stop at the stop sign and watch kids roll event- how hysterical was that!!!! LOVE YOU-not long at all now.