Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yep....he is 7?!

yep....I somehow have a 7 year old? Missing teeth....sarcastic....says things like "Rock on" and "That's the bomb" and "yeah baby"...on a regular basis. He has things that happen at school, or at a friends house...etc.etc....that I don't always know about? He and Kyle have secrets that they don't share with me. He reads and writes and is better on the computer than I am. And he can HONESTLY beat me at checkers.

Ben is a wonderful boy. At 7 I can really see the begninng of growing pains. There are so many things that he is just now beginning to realize....so much that he does not understand? His awareness of life is growing so big. The other day, while watching the movie "hotel for dogs," he asked me, "What is a no kill shelter mom?" And I had to explain what "putting dogs to sleep" meant? He cried. His questions are becoming so bit and so real that one some occasions I am really left speachless and feel like I need more time to think about my answers.

He wants to be a teenager and talks about all the things he will do when he is "older". He is finally seeing passed today and knows that there is a future for him out there....a life beyond what is happening now! But at the same time, he still would rather spend time with his mommy and daddy and brothers...than anyone else in the world! He still cries when his feelings are hurt and he loves toys! 7 is the perfect age! I love it! So independent, yet so in need of his mommy! If that even makes sense!! ha ha ha

I love you Ben! Some day you will read the things that I have written about your childhood and you will laugh so hard at all that we went through as a family! But when you get to this post, I want you to know....that I love you. More than I could even begin to explain. You are my first baby, my best friend, my sanity on many days! I need you in my life to make it whole. You make my world a better place....and perfect place!


shunter1019 said...

What's with your posts making me cry every morning girl!?! Ben, I hope you loved our song and know that we love you so much. You make our life whole too. Shane still talks about you two living together when you are "old enough" and it makes me laugh. Will be funny to see if that pans out....I wish we got to be with you on your birthday but know we are thinking of you and counting down the days until we get to the beach house. I don't want to get goopy on you buddy, but you are super special to us too. Our FIRST godchild, Shane's first best friend and my first experience of loving a child who wasn't mine, as if he were mine! WE LOVE YOU!

sara said...

Ahhh, the boy that first made you a Mommy - don't they just hold a special place in your heart? Ben will really love to read one day how you loved him WHEN. When life was crazy, when you could have been "too busy", when you could have been "too tired". Happy Birthday!