Friday, July 10, 2009

What do you do for fun when it rains for 4 days?

This will be my last blog for a while! The Mongolds are packing up and heading out for over a month! We will see Uncle Brian, Erica and the boys, the Hunters, Tiffany and Becky and all the VB girls!....all of our Chesapeake Neighbor friends and our Dear Va Beach playgroup friends! We will see Grandma, Nana, Pop Pop, Aunt Maya, Uncle Mark, Uncle Pat.....Aunt Angela and her whole family! Tanya and Caleb, Sandy and the boys, Uncle Charlie and his family, hopefully Mare and Kath and families, Aunt Mary Beth....oh my....and so many other great friends that we hope to be in touch with over the next 4 to 5 weeks!!

I am nervous....but excited! The car is ready to be packed....the house is ready....Terri is here and ready to take over our household and the dog while we are gone. Everything is in place!

The rain we have had the last 4 days has made it easy for me to get ready for our trip. But the boys are truly bored to death! Not much to do on a little island...when i RAINS for a week! closing for a while...I'll leave you with this....

I only hope social services does not contact me per this blog!! :) I swear...I was desperate!

This is Josh's new FAVORITE FACE! When you get out the camera...he will not smile...this is what he does? Silly silly boy!

Ben playing indiana jones on the stair slide!

Hmmmm......Sue does it all the time....our stairs are steeper...and more narrow...but after a little hard work...we made this slide!!



Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Day after the 4th of July was just as fun as the holiday!

so much much fun!

7 hours of sliding, wave pooling, and sliding some more....and they still cried to go home?
There were no fights....all day? NOT ONE?

Will rode almost every slide! And he did it alone....they made him wear a life jacket and he was happy about that!

I think after 50 trips up huge flights of stairs...Dad was happy Josh fell asleep. He quickly offered to stay with him while I kept going with the other boys!

The only uphill water slide on the east coast = a whole lot of water shot directly at your bum bum? pants on when you are done - NONE!

This was the big one...the one with no line...the scary one...the only one ben had not conquered....until now! Way to go Ben!

Yeah...Ben dared pop pop to do it? NOt sure pop pop will ever be the same! Mommy did it twice? Only to show ben it was possible. I didn't love feeling like I was plummeting to my death? Not at ALL!!
Happy waiting for Ben to do the big slide alone.....glad they were not in that line!
Ben and Kyle called this one the toilet. If you lay straight like a can swirl around 3 times before you are flushed out the hole! Kyle did all but two slides! Really brave..>Mommy was so surprised that everyone loved this place as much as they did!

What the heck is that face? I PRETTY RIGHT??!! NOT!! Had to share what I look like when I don't realize I am on camera! ha ha ha

Saturday, July 4, 2009


For those of you that have been to my house, you know how small my driveway is. For those of you that have not...let me paint the picture. My driveway is the length of a van. That's it. If I pull right up to the garage door...the back of my car is just inches from the road. But least we have a driveway right!

Well...each time I pull Steve's jeep in...I back in. Because it is so long, that I need to be able to unload the stuff out of the back directly into the garage, without having to wait for every car to go by before I can even open the door. So the front of his jeep is often just inches from the street yesterday.

Now the street we live on is narrow. Enough room for two cars ...side by side. If a car parks on the street, then you have to slow down and maneuver around it...and anyone coming the other direction has to wait for you to get by and then it is their turn.

Most often this is not a problem. Until this past week when our neighbors are having construction done on their house. With all the workers and tree cutting trucks, and cement trucks...whatever they are.....the street is like a parking lot and getting out of our driveway is not always easy.

So last i am packing the kids up to go out to the "rocks" for an hour or so....I hear one of the workers across the street say to another....."is the battery dead"....and the man standing in front of his truck...about 6 feet from me...opposite the end of my driveway says "Yeah is".

Well at this jeep is facing forward and I may not even have to move my car to hook the cables up to his battery...we are that I stop what I am doing...turn to the young guy next to his work truck and say....

"Can I jump you?"

Made perfect sense to me? Right? Well....there was silence for a second....and all of a sudden...about 10 guys that are standing in front of my neighbors house...just BUST out laughing! And the poor guy in front of me with the dead truck is just bright red.

And me....I am standing there...just thinking....what is wrong with you need help and I am right here? ton of hits me what I had asked this poor 20 year old guy? OH my.....and just as I am realizing why they were laughing...this guy looks at me and says, "Oh...thanks Ma'am..but my boss is on his way down the street right now and He'll do it,"

Well...I tell often does this dude get asked to be JUMPED by a perfectly wonderful 40 year old woman...and he has the nerve to call me Ma'am!! What is this world coming too!! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

the singing transformer and a little josh...

Will loved this present best of all! Unfortunately, so did everyone else? great idea ended up causing fights? How do I manage to do that? Or wait...maybe they will fight no matter what I I should just stop tying to end it!! :)


Josh has a few words that he will say in front of the camera. Most words...he will say in "life", but when you ask him to say them in the camera...he just says "no". Yeah...ok....well...these are some of the first words he learned and so the ones he is most comfortable with!! :)



Filling our days....

Here's the bike rack that didn't get here before Steve left!! I'll just say now...I whined for was not that hard to install!! :) ha ha ha

It looks sturdy.....

It at least holds ben's weight....

We have been driving around with this one bike on all week to make sure it does not move! I think we are ready for 4 more...and our trip!!

Will dancing as we sang Happy Birthday to him....for the 75th time!! :)

Ben and Will using one of wills new airbrush paint toys to graffiti the front step!

The favorite gift for Will was this transformer voice changing helmet! Very cool. It matches his transformer surf shirt...and the cake!! :)

Chocolate cake....

And the Mongolds....singing happy birthday....AGAIN!!!

Another day at Hugenot Park where we drive the jeep right up to the beach!

The chair is always in the pictures...but I never seem to use it?

These are the condo's that can be seen from the pool we take lessons at? I think this is where I want to retire!! :)

Last swim lesson of the summer! Will can swim "like mommy" the whole length of the pool with ease! Boy did these lessons pay off for him! :)

That's all I have for now! I have some great video...but it's won't upload for me? Hmmm....let's see if I can figure it out!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Becoming an "american" boy!

When we first brought Josh home, he thought every toy that we gave to "just" him....was quite possibly, the MOST valuable thing in the world. If you gave him a block...he would carry it around and NEVER put it down. Sometimes for days! But if the boys wanted to see his "block" he would share it right away. No questions asked. You could tell he really wanted it back...but he didn't get mad, or sad...he would just stare at the item till it was given back to him. (and I ALWAYS watched to make sure it was given back!!) At which point he would hug it up for me to see that he had it...hug it again....and run away with it!

After about three months, Josh learned the word "mine". We got him a new little stuffed Pig and he carried it around for weeks. He would put it in his crib at night and even take it to the bathroom. If the boys wanted to see it...he would still hand it over....but after a few seconds...he would say in a soft voice - Mine Mine Mine...and they would give it back. And at that point...he did the hug, smile run thing! So cute!

No matter what you gave JOsh....he loved it. It could be matter. Sometimes I would save the McDonalds toys in my purse and when we were shopping...i would save money by giving him one of those when the other boys got starwars stuff or bakugan! It made him equally as happy as the others!!

Well....forward to 6 months after Josh joined our family. Yesterday, the boys were getting those cars that change color in different temperature water......Anyway....Ben and Kyle got one of those each at Walmart and Will decided on an egg of silly putty because he had played with it at a friends the other day.

And Josh well....he just kept saying mine.....but had no idea what he I took down a small red hotwheel car from the .99 cent rack and he grabbed it and hugged it and well.....seemed off we went!

An hour later...we are home...everyone opening their loot and Josh runs to Will...grabs his egg out of his hand and YELLS - MINE WILL! MINE WILL! if you know know that this did not sit well with our little tazmanian devil...and Will grabbed it back quite vigerously!

I run and get the red car and hand it to Josh and I take the egg and give it back to Will. Josh looks at me the dirtyest looks that he could muster.....and yells.....don't want it!!! Will's mommy.....want Wills!!

And with this...JOsh begins to cry like a banchee. I mean....tears...eyes dissapeared....body shaking cry!

I try to explain that Josh can have an egg next time we go to the store, but I am pretty sure he could hear nothing I was saying over his cries! I get Josh ready for bed and put him in a few min early to end the tantrum. But now I feel a bit guilty because I have always wanted him to have an opinion...but I was not prepared for hit to appear TODAY!! are asleep and I am just getting ready to hit the sack and I hear Josh cry in his bed. Not I run to him? He is sitting up screaming....MY CAR MOMMY>>>WANT MY CAR!!! And I said, "I thought you didn't like the car baby?" And he said, "LIKE IT......LIKE IT....MINE>>>>MINE!!

So I went and found the little red car and he fell asleep holding it like a teddy bear and I have yet to hear from him again!! :)

Our Josh....not happy with "just anything" anymore!! Still able to adapt...but his first reaction was the get what he wanted...not what I wanted him to have!! Life will get a bit more challenging I suppose!! But congrats little man on becoming a little American boy....who wants what he wants...and nothing less will suffice!!