Thursday, July 2, 2009

Becoming an "american" boy!

When we first brought Josh home, he thought every toy that we gave to "just" him....was quite possibly, the MOST valuable thing in the world. If you gave him a block...he would carry it around and NEVER put it down. Sometimes for days! But if the boys wanted to see his "block" he would share it right away. No questions asked. You could tell he really wanted it back...but he didn't get mad, or sad...he would just stare at the item till it was given back to him. (and I ALWAYS watched to make sure it was given back!!) At which point he would hug it up for me to see that he had it...hug it again....and run away with it!

After about three months, Josh learned the word "mine". We got him a new little stuffed Pig and he carried it around for weeks. He would put it in his crib at night and even take it to the bathroom. If the boys wanted to see it...he would still hand it over....but after a few seconds...he would say in a soft voice - Mine Mine Mine...and they would give it back. And at that point...he did the hug, smile run thing! So cute!

No matter what you gave JOsh....he loved it. It could be matter. Sometimes I would save the McDonalds toys in my purse and when we were shopping...i would save money by giving him one of those when the other boys got starwars stuff or bakugan! It made him equally as happy as the others!!

Well....forward to 6 months after Josh joined our family. Yesterday, the boys were getting those cars that change color in different temperature water......Anyway....Ben and Kyle got one of those each at Walmart and Will decided on an egg of silly putty because he had played with it at a friends the other day.

And Josh well....he just kept saying mine.....but had no idea what he I took down a small red hotwheel car from the .99 cent rack and he grabbed it and hugged it and well.....seemed off we went!

An hour later...we are home...everyone opening their loot and Josh runs to Will...grabs his egg out of his hand and YELLS - MINE WILL! MINE WILL! if you know know that this did not sit well with our little tazmanian devil...and Will grabbed it back quite vigerously!

I run and get the red car and hand it to Josh and I take the egg and give it back to Will. Josh looks at me the dirtyest looks that he could muster.....and yells.....don't want it!!! Will's mommy.....want Wills!!

And with this...JOsh begins to cry like a banchee. I mean....tears...eyes dissapeared....body shaking cry!

I try to explain that Josh can have an egg next time we go to the store, but I am pretty sure he could hear nothing I was saying over his cries! I get Josh ready for bed and put him in a few min early to end the tantrum. But now I feel a bit guilty because I have always wanted him to have an opinion...but I was not prepared for hit to appear TODAY!! are asleep and I am just getting ready to hit the sack and I hear Josh cry in his bed. Not I run to him? He is sitting up screaming....MY CAR MOMMY>>>WANT MY CAR!!! And I said, "I thought you didn't like the car baby?" And he said, "LIKE IT......LIKE IT....MINE>>>>MINE!!

So I went and found the little red car and he fell asleep holding it like a teddy bear and I have yet to hear from him again!! :)

Our Josh....not happy with "just anything" anymore!! Still able to adapt...but his first reaction was the get what he wanted...not what I wanted him to have!! Life will get a bit more challenging I suppose!! But congrats little man on becoming a little American boy....who wants what he wants...and nothing less will suffice!!


Bill and Midge said...

Oh Renee, I just love this story! Probably not much fun for you having to live it, but how amazing that he is beginning to know what he wants and how to express it!

Erica said...

I feel like his is that wooden puppet, Pinnochio...and he is finally saying I AM A REAL BOY...and what a great weekend to finally feel like an American. Happy Independence Day, Josh! My prayers just went up ten fold for your mommy alone with 4 boys who want what they want!!!