Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Day after the 4th of July was just as fun as the holiday!

so much much fun!

7 hours of sliding, wave pooling, and sliding some more....and they still cried to go home?
There were no fights....all day? NOT ONE?

Will rode almost every slide! And he did it alone....they made him wear a life jacket and he was happy about that!

I think after 50 trips up huge flights of stairs...Dad was happy Josh fell asleep. He quickly offered to stay with him while I kept going with the other boys!

The only uphill water slide on the east coast = a whole lot of water shot directly at your bum bum? pants on when you are done - NONE!

This was the big one...the one with no line...the scary one...the only one ben had not conquered....until now! Way to go Ben!

Yeah...Ben dared pop pop to do it? NOt sure pop pop will ever be the same! Mommy did it twice? Only to show ben it was possible. I didn't love feeling like I was plummeting to my death? Not at ALL!!
Happy waiting for Ben to do the big slide alone.....glad they were not in that line!
Ben and Kyle called this one the toilet. If you lay straight like a can swirl around 3 times before you are flushed out the hole! Kyle did all but two slides! Really brave..>Mommy was so surprised that everyone loved this place as much as they did!

What the heck is that face? I PRETTY RIGHT??!! NOT!! Had to share what I look like when I don't realize I am on camera! ha ha ha

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lyss23 said...

This place looks awesome!!! I can't wait to have kids old enough to enjoy places like that!!! Super cool...and Way to go ben! You are much braver than I am!!!! :)