Saturday, July 4, 2009


For those of you that have been to my house, you know how small my driveway is. For those of you that have not...let me paint the picture. My driveway is the length of a van. That's it. If I pull right up to the garage door...the back of my car is just inches from the road. But least we have a driveway right!

Well...each time I pull Steve's jeep in...I back in. Because it is so long, that I need to be able to unload the stuff out of the back directly into the garage, without having to wait for every car to go by before I can even open the door. So the front of his jeep is often just inches from the street yesterday.

Now the street we live on is narrow. Enough room for two cars ...side by side. If a car parks on the street, then you have to slow down and maneuver around it...and anyone coming the other direction has to wait for you to get by and then it is their turn.

Most often this is not a problem. Until this past week when our neighbors are having construction done on their house. With all the workers and tree cutting trucks, and cement trucks...whatever they are.....the street is like a parking lot and getting out of our driveway is not always easy.

So last i am packing the kids up to go out to the "rocks" for an hour or so....I hear one of the workers across the street say to another....."is the battery dead"....and the man standing in front of his truck...about 6 feet from me...opposite the end of my driveway says "Yeah is".

Well at this jeep is facing forward and I may not even have to move my car to hook the cables up to his battery...we are that I stop what I am doing...turn to the young guy next to his work truck and say....

"Can I jump you?"

Made perfect sense to me? Right? Well....there was silence for a second....and all of a sudden...about 10 guys that are standing in front of my neighbors house...just BUST out laughing! And the poor guy in front of me with the dead truck is just bright red.

And me....I am standing there...just thinking....what is wrong with you need help and I am right here? ton of hits me what I had asked this poor 20 year old guy? OH my.....and just as I am realizing why they were laughing...this guy looks at me and says, "Oh...thanks Ma'am..but my boss is on his way down the street right now and He'll do it,"

Well...I tell often does this dude get asked to be JUMPED by a perfectly wonderful 40 year old woman...and he has the nerve to call me Ma'am!! What is this world coming too!! :)


lyss23 said...

okay i seriously almost just peed myself a little laughing at this blog!!! ha ha ha that is seriously really really funny!!!!

Erica said...

this is too funny! i can see you totally just looking at him dumbfounded like "you idiot, do you want help or not? "

I love this story!!! And, I am sure if Steve can read it he is getting a great laugh out of it, too!!! Renee, you are the best!

reillymb said...

too funny! you are such the milf :) picking up 20 yr olds with the kids and that hot mini van of yours...hehe

sara said...

You are SO wrong, on so many levels. First of all - it is SO you to ask to jump someone and not even realize what you've asked!! But to be called Ma'aM??? Oooohhhhhhhh - the nerve!!!! lol - goof stuff!!

shunter1019 said...

OK, thanks for the "lunchtime" laugh!! I am so stressed being back at work and trying to get this report done, that I decided to eat and look at something "non work" for a few which brought me here. SO HYSTERICAL....and definitely the break in my day I needed. And oh, just how me and a neighbor were talking about how the ma'am shit has got to stop. I think we look YOUNG and these people are always asking "can I help you find something, ma'am?" in a store!? I almost always look around to find out who they are talking realize they are calling me ma'am. :) Love you girl!!!

Dianne said...

Renee, what a wonderful story!! I'm laughing out loud, so of course, had to read it to Bob. And to top it all off to be called the "Ma'am" word. I remember the first time I was called Ma'am by a guy when I was admiring his lovely tan and his wonderful smile. Never forgave him!!

wyanne said...

It's a Southern thing...good Southern guys always address the girl as Ma'am. They think they are being respectful. Funny story....these parked cars around here are driving me crazy too!