Friday, July 10, 2009

What do you do for fun when it rains for 4 days?

This will be my last blog for a while! The Mongolds are packing up and heading out for over a month! We will see Uncle Brian, Erica and the boys, the Hunters, Tiffany and Becky and all the VB girls!....all of our Chesapeake Neighbor friends and our Dear Va Beach playgroup friends! We will see Grandma, Nana, Pop Pop, Aunt Maya, Uncle Mark, Uncle Pat.....Aunt Angela and her whole family! Tanya and Caleb, Sandy and the boys, Uncle Charlie and his family, hopefully Mare and Kath and families, Aunt Mary Beth....oh my....and so many other great friends that we hope to be in touch with over the next 4 to 5 weeks!!

I am nervous....but excited! The car is ready to be packed....the house is ready....Terri is here and ready to take over our household and the dog while we are gone. Everything is in place!

The rain we have had the last 4 days has made it easy for me to get ready for our trip. But the boys are truly bored to death! Not much to do on a little island...when i RAINS for a week! closing for a while...I'll leave you with this....

I only hope social services does not contact me per this blog!! :) I swear...I was desperate!

This is Josh's new FAVORITE FACE! When you get out the camera...he will not smile...this is what he does? Silly silly boy!

Ben playing indiana jones on the stair slide!

Hmmmm......Sue does it all the time....our stairs are steeper...and more narrow...but after a little hard work...we made this slide!!




Bill and Midge said...

Are you coming through this way on your way out of VB? I'll send you my phone # thru Facebook - we would LOVE to see you!

lyss23 said...

That looks like loads of fun...I honestly kinda wish we had a stair slide here!!! haha Am I to old for a stair slide?!?!? ha ha

Erica said...

YAY! NOW GET HERE!!! We cannot wait any longer. Safe, peaceful, happy travels.