Thursday, August 27, 2009

Change of plans!

Steve was able to get one last e-mail out to us before his boat...that was heading home...heads BACK out to sea. For those of you that I talked to about knew that daddy was due home in short order! I know I can't say specific dates...but let's just say "soon"!

Well....looks like he will not make it on schedule and will have to head back out to sea for an indefinite period of time.

I don't anticipate it being too too long....maybe a week or so...maybe a bit more. No one really knows for sure at this point. I have not told the boys yet? They are going to be soooo sad! They don't understand "later" as well as I do! They can't appreciate the "coming home safe" as well as I do....they just want their daddy home NOW!

....."All" Summer has really only been 3 months for me. A drop in the bucket of life! But for the was "a WHOLE SUMMER"...."forever" in their little minds! So I'll wait and tell them tomorrow after school and I am thinking maybe a WATER PARK on Saturday to pass the time ....:)

Whatever the boat turned around for is important. I don't question that. We miss Steve/Daddy....but he has a job to do...and the hard jobs don't necessarily take place on the perfect schedule!

Here is the e-mail that Steve was able to send just before they turned off e-mail for a while! It'll break your heart...or at least it broke mine! I wish so much I could tell him that we are OK! Sad...but OK!!! :)

"I am sure you heard about the change to our schedule by now. Believe me when I say my heart is breaking, but I will paint the smile on to keep the crew's morale up (as best as I can). I know you will do the same for the boys. My thoughts are with you always, every day. Email is probably going to go away very soon too. I'll write again as soon as I can. I feel so bad for the boys - the idea of disappointing them makes me sick to my stomach, and I only feel worse that you're the one that actually has to see their faces - I'm sorry. Please just tell them that the bad guys were starting to misbehave and that daddy had to go take care of it.

I love you!!

(and for the record...I cut and pasted this e-mail into the blog....Steve must be tired...because spell check picked up 3 miss-spellings in his e-mail? Not like my Nuclear Engineer Husband!! :) ha ha ha a ha


Bill and Midge said...

You are such a great wife and mom! And we are glad there are "Steve's" out there taking care of business for the rest of us. It's not easy being a military family, and I know it's often hardest on the kiddos. But it's great that they love their Dad so much and even though it's not fun now, they are resilient and they will be o.k. Hang in there lady. You are amazing!

Dianne said...

Oh, Renee. We're so sad. Can't even imagine what you and the boys are feeling. Let's hope it won't be for too long. Bob and I leave for Philly tomorrow (Sat). On Tuesday I fly to Chicago while Sylvia goes to NJ looking for a house. Bob will come out in a week. Sometime the week of Sept 6 we should all be out in NJ moving Sylvia and the kids into their home. Busy times for everyone! Love to all and we'll be in touch. Will be anxiously and lovingly waiting for Stephen's phone call!

dandsratz said...

Renee! You are so amazing, and I love how you & Steve are with those precious munchkins of yours. The strength that those little men are learning from you & Steve, and yet, coupled with the abundant amount of 'real hurt', compassions & tenderness....I can't even beging to imagine HOW phenomenal they will be when get older. Steve's email was SO sweet!! I will be praying that the next week, or however long it will be, will go by SUPER fast for you & the boys!!! We love you all bunches!!

sara said...

Wow, Renee - you are so strong! You & Steve are wonderful parents and I am so.sorry that Steve isn't coming home as expected! Hang in there, Momma Bear! Give the boys extra love and be your super cool self :)

Erica said...

Renee, that email broke my heart. But, how amazing for the boys to hear that their daddy is on a special mission to take care of bad guys! Truly, A SUPERHERO!!! (just like you used to tell Ben and Kyle) Tell the boys we are sorry their superhero daddy is going to be a bit longer and we love them so very much!

Erica said...

and he knows you are OK (and sad!!!) Afterall, he knows the amazing mom that you are!!! Rest easy, Renee. Steve knows!!!

reillymb said...

renee that mad me cry! i can only imagine how many tears you have shed. well friend, you guys stay strong. i love you!